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News from around the web includes: Patriots first-round draft pick Laurence Maroney's welcome hit in training camp, Bruschi's conditioning in 2006 Vs 2005, A look at new defensive coordinator Dean Pees and bad news for defensive lineman Johnathan Sullivan.

Newswire Items 7/30/06

Welcome to the NFL Mr. Maroney:
New England Patriot rookie running back Laurence Maroney was greeted by one powerful hit delivered by linebacker Tedi Bruschi. Maroney explained, "I was about due for one; you hear that everyone wants to hit the first-rounder, but that one snuck up on me."Maroney had his chance for payback when during one of his runs, he hit linebacker Chad Brown, knocking Brown's helmet to the ground.

Tedy Bruschi is back with a vengeance:
After having missed part of last season recovering from a stroke, New England Patriot's linebacker Tedy Bruschi is back with a vengeance. Talking about this season, Bruschi tells the Boston Herald, "I've got a whole offseason conditioning program in the bank. I've got the minicamp under me and I've got training camp now. It's like night and day." Patriot head coach Bill Belichick said that Tedy is a high energy player whether he is practicing or in a real game.

Defensive coordinator Dean Pees takes over:
-- The New England Patriots have lost 2 defensive coordinators in the past two years Romeo Crennel is now the head coach for the Cleveland Browns and Eric Mangini the head coach of the New York Jets. Dean Pees now takes the reigns of the defense.

Pees was promoted from within the Patriot organization. Last year he was the linebacker's coach. Patriot head coach Bill Belichick complimented Pees during his press conference "Dean is a really good football coach. He's had a lot of experience. I think he is a coach that understands the entire game on the defensive side of the ball, from the nose guard to the free safety."

Troy Brown is both a receiver and a giver:
-- New England Patriots receiver Troy Brown stepped onto the playing field of Gillette Stadium with 14 years of playing experience. By some, he is regarded as a guru of the Patriot's offense. Brown enjoys the opportunity to impart of that experience to the younger receivers. Brown tells the Boston Herald, "I'm always learning and trying to get better myself. Whatever advice I can give, I try to give and make them better players, also."

Patriots defensive lineman Johnathan Sullivan fails conditioning test:
-- New England Patriot defensive lineman Johnathan Sullivan is already in trouble after his arrest for drug possession. This time Sullivan failed to pass the conditioning test that is required before any player can attend training camp. According to one report, Sullivan was near convulsions just a few wind sprints into his test.

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