Newswire: Seymour, Branch, Bruschi & More

News from around the web includes: New England Patriot linebacker Tedy Bruschi may have a broken wrist; Patriot's starting quarterback Tom Brady returns to practice; Patriot's starting DE Richard Seymour expected to return; Patriot's wide receiver Deion Branch is important to the team; Patriot's veteran RB Corey Dillon opts to be a teacher and ex Patriot WR David Patten is in the hospital.

The New England Patriot's starting linebacker Tedy Bruschi may have broken his wrist according to a report by the Boston Herald. Bruschi will be put into a cast or splints until further tests can be run. Bruschi overcame a stroke last year and made a remarkable comeback. Whatever the prognosis is, Bruschi will be up to the task.

Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady returned to practice after missing the past three practice sessions. The Boston Globe reports that there was no reason given by the Patriot's front office as to why those sessions were missed. Brady's absence gave backup quarterback Matt Cassel an opportunity to prove what he is capable of doing.

Patriots starting defensive end Richard Seymour is expected to return to practice. Apparently Seymour agreed to be put on the sidelines until he could sign his 4 year contract extension. Seymour was given a one-year raise last August and then agreed to a $30 million deal this winter.

In a report by ports Illustrated, Tom Brady commented on the importance of starting wide receiver Deion Branch. "Deion is the most important player on our offense…he doesn't get a lot of the credit…and he doesn't feel a need to promote himself like so many guys at that position. But he is that good."

The Patriot's veteran running back Corey Dillon worked hard with a personal trainer this offseason and the results are starting to show. The Providence Journal reports that Dillon looked impressive during the running drills. After practice reporters were interested in the possible rivalries between Dillon and rookie running back Laurence Maroney. Instead they got a taste of how well the two are working together.

Ex Patriot wide receiver David Patten is in the hospital with a case of viral meningitis which is an inflammation of the lining of the brain. Washington Redskin's trainer Bubba Tyer said "He's in probably until (tomorrow), then it will take him a few more days to recover, so we'll just take it as it comes when he gets out, we'll give him plenty of time to get his strength back."

The San Diego Chargers have cut wide receiver Rashaun Woods. Head coach Marty Schottenheimer said it was obvious Woods, who was nursing a sore hamstring, wouldn't make the cut.

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