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News from around the web includes: The New England Patriots playing hard ball with holdout wide receiver Deion Branch; Patriot staring quarterback Tom Brady hits NFL middle age; A review of the Patriot's 'PUP' list and the NFL's chief operating officer, Roger Goodell is leading candidate to replace Paul Tagliabue.

Newswire Items 8/07/06

-- New England Patriot holdout wide receiver Deion Branch is due to make a bit more than one million this season. This is due to an escalator clause in his contract and was earned by his performances last season. Branch is in the final year of his rookie five year contract. The Hartford Courant states that Branch wants a new frontloaded contract that will pay him about six million a season. The Patriots on the other hand has offered Branch a backloaded four year deal that will pay slightly less than five million per season. Branch continues to be a holdout in training camp.

The Deion Branch saga has been a hot topic of conversation on the Patriots Insider forum. Follow what is being discussed and by all means join in.

-- Patriot starting quarterback Tom Brady turned 29 this past Thursday. By NFL standards, Brady has reached the point where he has peaked and is starting to point his skis downhill. The question is just how gracefully can he slalom his way to the bottom. During his career, Brady has worked extremely hard keeping himself in playing shape. Regarding the brace that he is wearing, Brady comments; "You just try to avoid injury before it happens… You see all these quarterbacks' left knees get hurt…the last thing you want to do is hurt your knee. I figured I'm slow enough as it is. This [brace] can't slow me down any more."

-- The Patriots have handful of players on the 'PUP' list. The front-liners include strong safety Rodney Harrison, center Dan Koppen and tight end Daniel Graham. These players have an opportunity of working out prior to the rest of the team. A report by the Boston Herald reviews the injured Patriots and speculates regarding their return.

-- The NFL's chief operating officer, Roger Goodell appears to be the leading candidate to replace outgoing commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Goodell has been Tagliabue's right hand man for the past six years. Final approval of Goodell could come as early as late tomorrow.

-- The NFL's preseason kicked off Sunday night with the annual Hall of Fame Game from Canton Ohio. The Oakland Raiders played the Philadelphia Eagles and won by a score of 16-10. Oakland kicker Sebastian Janikowski had 3 field goals of 50, 51 and 24 yards in the victory. The New England Patriots will open their preseason this Friday against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta.

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