Brady Downplays Conversation With Anderson

Foxborough, Mass. -- On Thursday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spent time addressing questions about his involvement with Barry Bonds' former trainer Greg Anderson who is implicated in the BALCO investigation.

Anderson reportedly implied he had spoken with Brady about a possible workout at the trainer's facility. Brady, claimed he only talked to Anderson once about five or six years ago, but never worked out at the facility.

"I did talk to him," said Brady of his conversation with Anderson. "But he was… I think he was at spring training, from what I remember."

Anderson is facing jail time for not cooperating with an investigation into whether or not Barry Bonds lied under oath about using steroids he receive from the trainer. In court documents released earlier in the week, Brady's name emerged as one of a number of athletes that Anderson may have spoken to. Anderson's claim that he had spoken to Brady briefly sparked a firestorm of attention around the Patriots' leader.

"I had only one brief conversation with Tom Brady regarding a potential future workout," Anderson said. "I never had another phone conversation with him and never discussed it with anyone."

Brady was discouraged that his name was brought into the wide net of the steroid use scandal.

"Anytime, for an athlete, you're even mentioned in something like this, it's disappointing," said the two-time Super Bowl MVP. "It was a long time ago. I was back in the Bay Area. I wanted to work out for a day and I knew he had a gym. I called and he wasn't around. That was about it. That was the first of it and the last of it. Five years later, I guess it's a big deal."

When questioned about the temptation to use steroids, Brady claimed he's never been put in the situation where he's had to consider using the drugs.

"I never did," Brady stated. "I was lucky I've never had to make those decisions. Like I said, you make decisions, whatever they might be… If you want to do steroids, I'm sure you can go out and find them. But you have a code of ethics that you play by. It's the same thing when you're on the field. It's the same thing when I play golf.

"It's just kind of the way you live your life. It's about integrity. You choose to make certain decisions and you have integrity for yourself. I have a family that I represent. I have a team that I represent. I try to do those the best that I can."

The Patriots finished training camp Thursday afternoon. Brady and the team's next scheduled event is a preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals at Gillette Stadium Saturday night.

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