Newswire: Sullivan, Wilfork, Gostkowski

News from around the web includes: New England Patriot rookie kicker Stephen Gostkowski wins job; Patriot's nose tackle Vince Wilfork has head for the game; Patriot's starting quarterback Tom Brady fine tunes his game and fans choose Seau over McGinnest. Davis released.

Newswire Items 8/25/06

-- The New England Patriots handed Stephen Gostkowski the kicking duties for last week's pre season game against the Atlanta Falcons. Gostkowski went three for three in the field goal department and didn't miss an extra point. He also showed excellent leg strength on kickoffs. With the job that Gostkowski did, the Patriots decided to release veteran kicker Martin Gramatica. A report by the Hartford Courant states that head coach Bill Belichick usually sides with youth when the competition for a roster spot is very close.

-- Patriot's nose tackle Vince Wilfork has had a successful first two years in the league. He started in Super Bowl XXXIX and was the leading tackler among Patriot defensive lineman. Wilfork is not the type of player to sit on his laurels. Wilfork has learned that size and strength is not enough in the NFL. "It's mental," he said. "You're a nose tackle … it's the NFL and you're going to be a big guy … It's more mental than anything. You have to have a strong mental game."

-- Patriot's starting quarterback Tom Brady isn't just kicking back and relaxing at training camp. Tom Curran of the Providence Journal explains what it takes to be continually competitive in the NFL. Tom Brady had this to say; Being competitive is "how you choose to live your life," he said. "I think being competitive in the offseason program is really important for me. I think being competitive on the practice field is important. It's not like you can turn that switch off."

-- When Junior Seau was signed by the Patriots, he wanted to wear number 55. That was Willie McGinnest's old number before signing with the Cleveland Browns. Head coach Bill Belichick cleared Seau's desire with McGinest. But soon afterwards, he [McGinnest] had second thoughts. A pole was taken asking voters if Seau should be allowed to wear the #55. According to the 76% of the voters were in favor of Seau wearing the number.

-- Patriot defensive lineman Johnathan Sullivan will find out the consequences of the charges against him when he attends court on August 31st. Sullivan was traded to the Patriots in early June and has been on rocky ground since. The Boston Globe states that Sullivan was put on the 'PUP' list for not being able to pass the Patriots' conditioning test. He was later taken off that list when he passed the test.

-- The Patriots announced that rookie wide receiver Erik Davis has been released. Davis was an undrafted rookie free agent out of Vanderbilt. (PI article)

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