Deion Branch Trade Deadline Looms

In what has become a contentious situation between the Patriots and Deion Branch, trade offers have arrived. Deion Branch and his agent have negotiated contract agreements with two teams, the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams expressed an interest in the Patriots wide receiver shortly after New England announced that it had given permission to Branch and his agent to seek a trade. has confirmed that the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks have reached the parameters of a deal with Branch. The new deals being offered to Branch are in the same ballpark as the offers originally reported by two weeks ago HERE

Branch is rumored to be receiving deals in the area of $6 million per year, with one report indicating an offer of $36 million over six years.

The issue holding up a trade isn't the money Branch is being offered; it's the compensation the Patriots are asking for in return. reported that New England originally asked for "at least" a first-round pick for Branch. New England has stood by its demand for a first-round pick while other media outlets have reported that the team is asking for two first-round picks.

At this point, neither Seattle nor New York are willing to meet that demand and the best offer available is a second-round pick, according to one source close to the situation.

The holdup in the Patriots negotiations with Branch's representatives was the requirement of a deal similar to the average salary of Indianapolis Colts' receiver Reggie Wayne (6 years about $40 million). Wayne's deal pays him an average of roughly $6.5 million per season with $13.5 million in bonus money while one of the Patriots' two offers was for $6.2 million with $11 million bonus money.

It's believed that the Patriots have no real interest in trading Branch at this time regardless of the compensation from another team. Branch and his agent have been given a deadline of 4:00pm Friday(Today) to find an acceptable trade offer or that opportunity expires according to the team.

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