Patriots: More Cuts Coming

The New England Patriots are just one of 32 teams that will release more players today to comply with league mandated roster cuts. The NFL requires each team to trim their roster from 75 as of Tuesday to 53 by the close of business today. The Patriots released 10 yesterday and traded another to Pittsburgh to get the number down to 64. Barry Gardner was placed on IR, which leave just 10 more.

Over 700 players (32 teams x 22 cuts each) are subject to the process with hundreds more going through the annual nail biting associated with being "on the bubble." Some of the lucky ones will re-sign with the team the following day when teams are allowed to put up to 8 players on a practice squad.

Who's on the list?

PI takes a look at the roster battles and provides a possible list of cuts.

Offense: 5

Linemen: Randy Hand, Gene Mruczkowski, Dan Stevenson
Running back: Patrick Pass to PUP or IR if not released
QB: none
WR: Kelvin Kight
TE: none

Thoughts: The offensive line mix is a grab bag of players who can play if needed, but would fare better with more time to develop. Mrucskowski is only on the list because Yates looked solid working in camp. Hand and Stevenson make the practice squad. Wesley Britt may get cut if Kaczur is healthy.

Defense: 5

DL: Le Kevin Smith, Santonio Thomas
LB: Corey Mays
CB: Antwain Spann
S: Guss Scott,

Thoughts: Corey Mays doesn't get cut until the team lines up another linebacker. They may be doing that as we write this. We're assuming they will. Dan Klecko survives once again. If the team keeps Mays, Klecko may be in danger. Spann was ok in preseason and made a strong case against the Giants, but there are other corners ahead of him. Thomas or Smith may make the roster ahead of Klecko, but practice squad eligibility is the issue with them. Both can join the 8-man practice squad.


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