Branch's Grievance May Have No Legs

New England Patriots Receiver Deion Branch may not have much of an argument if what insiders are hearing is true. Branch's recently filed grievance claims the Patriots' receiver should be traded based upon a deal his agent negotiated with the Jets. Not so fast says one source.

WR Deion Branch is awaiting the outcome of a pair of grievances filed on his behalf that could force the New England Patriots to accept a trade with division rival New York Jets and punish the club for not negotiating in "good faith."

The first grievance, which contests that the New England Patriots did not honor an agreement to trade Branch to another team, has been postponed. Branch's representatives claim that the Patriots had a verbal agreement to trade the receiver if fair compensation could be reached.

A league source told that it's believed that the New England Patriots only gave Branch permission to seek a trade with another team via a written statement, but did not verbally agree to trade him if they received proper compensation.

Branch's side contends that the club has backed out of, or reneged on, this so-called verbal agreement that is the basis for Branch's grievance against the club.

The postponement of the original complaint could delay the decision of a possible trade until after a separate hearing on Branch's second grievance - one that claims the team did not act in "good faith."

Until the hearings are complete, Branch remains an unexcused holdout from Patriots camp, and is subject to fines of up to $14,000 per day. Each game Branch does not participate in he forfeits a game check based upon his $1,045,000 million salary (roughly $61,500 per game).

The Patriots are scheduled to host the Buffalo Bills this Sunday at Gillette Stadium in their season opener.

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