10 Quotes & a Cloud of Dust: Week 2

The Patriots rallied from 10 points down and beat the Bills on a safety. The Jets won their first game under new head coach Eric Mangini even though they blew a 16-point lead. Deion Branch was traded to the Seahawks, and Tom Brady admitted that the Branch circus affected his play last week. All in all, it's been a pretty boring week.

And when Week 2 concludes, either the Patriots or the Jets will be 2-0 and alone in 1st place in the AFC East.

Here are the top 10 quotes of the week, heading into Game 2, Patriots-Jets:

10. "You know safeties are something that don't come often, and I think I have been a part of only one other safety in my entire football career. It's big because you produce points and you also get the ball back and it turned out to be the difference in the game. You know it was a huge play."
- Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin

Translation: "Safeties are one of the coolest things a defensive player can do. It's like hitting for the cycle in baseball. And not only did we get one, it was the difference in the game. How great is that?"

"I don't know if you ever really have this team. With their talent I don't think you can put them away at any time, particularly not that early."
- Bills Head Coach Dick Jauron, on going for it on 4th down last week

Translation: "They've got Tom Brady over there. No way am I kicking field goals. You need more points than that to beat the Pats."

"I don't like the fact I put my teammates in that situation. They are unbelievable in the fact that they had my back every time."

- Jets kicker Mike Nugent, after missing two field goals and an extra point last week

Translation: "I have another game like that and I might not make it out of the locker room alive. I'm lucky we won. Otherwise I might not be talking to you right now."

7. "I don't blame them. I don't think we gave them much reason to cheer. They want to see us do some things offensively, put the ball in the end zone, and we turned the ball over. We can't complete a pass, and I would be booing up there too if I was them."
- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on being booed before halftime

Translation: "We played like crap. I would have booed us too. And probably thrown stuff onto the field. Maybe cursed a little bit."

"I'm excited about the game. I'm excited about the game because it's a division game, and it's against a good opponent. I really don't view it as necessarily going up against Bill. I view it more as against the Patriots. This is the next game that we are scheduled to play and we're excited about doing that, and working on our preparation here."
- Jets Head Coach Eric Mangini

Translation: "Let's see, what would Bill Belichick say? You want to call me a Belichick clone? You have no idea how much like him I'm going to sound."

5. "This young man is a little different cat now, he's in great shape, but he still hasn't played any football for a while, but we'll see and we'll make that decision late in the week. He's a quick study, and he's a bright guy and he works hard at it off the field, but there's a lot to do, but you could certainly put in a little package where he is on the field. I've got to see him practice a couple days first here."
- Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren on how soon new wide receiver Deion Branch will play

Translation: "We scored 9 points last week. Thank God I've got another quality wide receiver to throw out there. He'll be out on the field as soon as humanly possible, trust me."

"I'm excited to be a part of something that you all have, that Seattle has going right now."
- New Seahawks wide receiver Deion Branch

Translation: "It's payday."

. "I have a lot of respect for Tom Brady so whatever he said, I believe Tom. I wouldn't question what Tom says."
- Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick on Tom Brady admitting that the Deion Branch situation had an effect on him

Translation: "I'm sorry to announce that Tom Brady is human."

"We have to contain him. You are not going to shut down Brady. I doubt that is possible. We have to contain him. We don't want him going off for 300 yards passing and three touchdowns and no picks or anything like that. We have to do a good job containing him and limiting the plays he can make."
- Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma

Translation: "We can't stop Tom Brady. We can only hope to contain him."

"I don't know. That's not any kind of decision that I have to make. I don't own a team so I don't know what owners, or sometimes general managers, whoever is making the decisions, are looking for in their specific situations. I don't know. Each franchise is different. Each franchise makes their own independent decisions in whatever form or fashion they make them in. I try not to get too concerned or worry about all of that. I'm just trying to coach this team."
- Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

Translation: "I swear the next person that asks me about Eric Mangini gets a microphone upside the head. The guy not only left for another NFL coaching job, but he went to the Jets. The Jets! He's dead to me. Understand?"


Between the Deion Branch "hangover" and the talk of Belichick-Mangini Bowl I, it's a wonder that people had time to talk about anything else. But the focus is now on Patriots-Jets. After both teams struggled at times last week, both are looking to make a statement in this division match-up. The winner takes the early lead in the division, and puts an end (until Week 10) to all of the Belichick-Mangini hype.

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