GAME BALLS & GOATS: Jets - Patriots

Sometimes a win is just that... a win. The Patriots should have cruised to an easy victory over division rival New York Jets, but three missteps, a host of poor tackling and a few amazing plays by Jets players turned the blowout back into a nailbiter. The Patriots held on for a 24-17 victory.


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Send us your Game Balls & Goats

There were numerous plays and players that deserve to receive praise or ridicule. Now is your chance to do just that. Whether it was Jerricho Cotchery's catch and run for a 71-yard touchdown, or Laveranues Coles' repeated continuations for the Jets both may be deserving of Game Balls, while the Patriots covering them may deserve a GOAT nomination.

The patriots had their own players with outstanding days, including Chad Jackson's first appearance in a Patriots uniform and his ability to snare his first touchdown. Corey Dillon's punishing style of running combined with Laurence Maroney's change of pace allowed the Patriots to continue clock-killing drives that sucked the air out of the Jets. Should they get game balls? You decide.

How do I participate?
Easy, just pick (up to) 3 things that went right and three things that went wrong in the game. Tell us the PLAYER, and your opinion of why they deserve a Game Ball or a Goat award.

Who can vote?
It's open to anyone interested in sharing their thoughts on the game, Pats fans or fans of the other team. Just remember we ask that you keep it clean.

Who can I vote for?
Any player, coach, unit (offense/defense/specials teams), the referees even the announcers are fair game. You make the call.

Where do I send in my nominations?
Send us your Game Balls for great plays the Patriots made, and your Goats for all the mistakes they made HERE in the forums.

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