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News from around the web includes: The New England Patriots play host to the Denver Broncos this Sunday at Gillette Stadium; Head coach Bill Belichick has utmost respect for Mike Shanahan and Patriot linebacker Junior Seau knows the Broncos well.

Newswire Items 9/22/06

New England Patriots renew their oldest rivalry against the Denver Broncos

The New England Patriots renew their long rival that dates back to the first ever game for each team in the old AFL. It all started in 1960 when the Patriots met the Broncos in Boston. The Patriots lost 13-10. The Broncos have owned the Patriots compiling a 23-15 record and an 8-7 record away from Denver. A report in the Denver Daily News summarizes their history.

The Patriots are still reeling from their 24-13 loss that ended their season last year in the Divisional Championship. Champ Bailey's 100-yard interception took the wind out of the sails of the Patriots. Bailey comments: "I'm a little surprised he threw the ball," Bailey admitted yesterday. "I don't think he ever saw me."

Head coach Bill Belichick has a lot of respect for Mike Shanahan

During the past 5 meeting against each other, head coach Mike Shanahan and the Broncos have beaten the Patriots 4 times averaging a healthy 27.2 points per game.

While Belichick had little to say to Eric Mangini after last weeks' game, he has plenty of praise for Shanahan. Belichick said yesterday at Gillette Stadium: "Mike's not afraid of anything. I think that's the way he coaches … I've tried to take some of the things Denver has done a good job of and tried to apply them … "

The Patriots must 'Tackle' some problems

With the first two games of the season in the books, an analysis of the Patriots show that they have been victimized by poor tackling. In last weeks' game against the Jets, there were two plays that went for touchdowns due to finishing the job of tackling. In yesterday's press conference, head coach Bill Belichick said that tackling is one of the fundamentals that are practiced on a regular basis. Belichick continues: "Our job on defense is to get the guy with the ball … If you did 10 things right on a play and miss a tackle, then it's a bad play."

Patriot linebacker Junior Seau has a lot of experience against the Broncos

The Denver Broncos are the winningest team (123 victories) in the NFL since Mike Shanahan took over. Patriots linebacker Junior Seau has played against the Broncos when he was with the San Diego Chargers and makes this observation: "Whenever you have a system implemented and you believe in a system, it's easy to pick and choose athletes to fit your system, you don't have to change, and you can tinker with it and add some tricks to it the following year. Whenever there's some kind of continuity or some kind of flow to any kind of corporation, it's going to go well." Even with the Broncos disappointing start this season, they are still fourth in the league in rushing with a 4.4 yards per play average.



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