GAME BALLS & GOATS: Patriots - Broncos

When it gets ugly, it can get real ugly. Sunday's Patriots loss to the Denver Broncos was anything but a thing of beauty, but it wasn't as ugly as it could have been. Denver cruised to a 10-point win 17-7 Send your comments in on who deserves a game ball, and who deserves... something else.





Send us your Game Balls & Goats

There were numerous plays and players that deserve to receive praise or ridicule. Now is your chance to do just that. Whether it was Javon Walker's 83-yard catch and run for a touchdown, or Doug Gabriel's touchdown catch, many players may be deserving of Game Balls. On the flip side, the players responsible for covering them may deserve a GOAT nomination.

The Broncos were able to run through out the game, churning out yardage to the tune of 4.2 yards per carry. Was it the Denver offensive line? Should they get game balls? You decide.

Here are the Patriots Insider Awards:

The team looked average. No ability to make critical passes and critical catches when it really mattered. Brady looked average, then good, then average. Very inconsistent. Denver was able to run well and when they were able to rip off 5 yards at a clip, it's time to switch out of that 3-4


  • Doug Gabriel - Good catches at time... He gets one because of the TD
  • Eugene Wilson - Laid the lumber with a big time hit. He bounced back well from last week, and the team suffered when he was out.
  • Denver's offense for doing a lot against a decent Patriots defense.


  • James Sanders - The second-year DB looked bad. Bad angles, bad tackling, bad coverage, misplay gave Javon Walker the 83-yard TD
  • Belichick - Sorry coach, you get a goat. Bad plan against Shanahan for the 5th time out of 6 games. Broncos lead the series 24-15 and have won five of the past six meetings.
  • Refs - Inconsistent calls. Some questionable pass interference or ticky tack calls on both sides, then they ignore when guys get banged early late in the game. If the referees are going to call light touches early, they should be calling them the same way late.


How do I participate?
Easy, just pick (up to) 3 things that went right and three things that went wrong in the game. Tell us the PLAYER, and your opinion of why they deserve a Game Ball or a Goat award.

Who can vote?
It's open to anyone interested in sharing their thoughts on the game, Pats fans or fans of the other team. Just remember we ask that you keep it clean.

Who can I vote for?
Any player, coach, unit (offense/defense/specials teams), the referees even the announcers are fair game. You make the call.

Where do I send in my nominations?
Send us your Game Balls for great plays the Patriots made, and your Goats for all the mistakes they made.

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