10 Quotes and a Cloud of Dust: Week 13

The New England Patriots squeaked by the Chicago Bears last week to improve to 8-3. The week was full of talk about Tom Brady's move on Brian Urlacher as well as some key observations from the woeful Lions. Patriots Insider breaks down the top quotes from last week's win and this week's matchup for your reading pleasure. Here are week 13's top ten quotes of the week.

Franco Harris had the Immaculate Reception. Dwight Clark had The Catch. John Elway had The Drive. Tom Brady has three Super Bowl wins and two Super Bowl MVPs, but until last Sunday he didn't have a signature nicknamed moment, other than the Tuck Rule. Now he has one: The Run.

The Patriots were faced with 3rd-and-9 on Chicago's 25, tied 10-10 with the best team in the NFC early in the 4th quarter. It was the 5th time New England had driven past the Chicago 25, but all they had to show for those efforts was one touchdown and four turnovers. Brady was not to be denied, and The Run was born.

After their huge win over the Bears last week, the Patriots get a bit of a breather this week, taking on the lowly 2-9 Detroit Lions. We're reminiscing about Patriots-Bears, and looking ahead to Patriots-Lions, with the top 10 quotes of the week:

10. "Man, I could have had six. I dropped a couple."
- Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel, after picking off three of Rex Grossman's passes last week

Translation: "Can we play against Rex Grossman every week? Christmas came early last week."

9. "We could have scored many more points than we scored. When you turn the ball over it just kills you."
- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Translation: "That's why I took off on that 3rd down play. I got sick of throwing the ball to people only to have them drop it. We could be undefeated if we'd just hang on to the damn ball."

8. "I have a lot of confidence in Tom running the ball. Nobody is going to ever confuse him with Michael Vick or Gayle Sayers or anybody…He had a little space and was able to give Brian probably his best move. Maybe it's his only move."

- Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, when asked what he thought of Brady's run against the Bears

Translation: "That was darn near the funniest thing I've ever seen. Funny in a, 'Boy I wouldn't want to be Brian Urlacher right now' kind of way. Not in a Three Stooges kind of way."

7. "An uncoordinated stutter step is probably what it looked like. I am not the most athletic guy, so maybe he was thinking that I was sliding. At least I can tell my kids one day that I shook Brian Urlacher. They probably won't believe me."

- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, describing his fakeout of Brian Urlacher

Translation: "Proudest moment of my career. Aside from the three Super Bowl wins. Actually, that move I made might jump into 3rd place on my list ahead of the Eagles Super Bowl win."

6. "I thought he was going to slide. It was a good play by him. He juked me. Then they ended up scoring on the drive. It was a big play."

- Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher

Translation: "That ever happens to me again and I'll retire on the spot."

5. "This is a team that we really don't know very much about, but we're getting to know them pretty quickly. They're a very exciting team to watch."

- Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, on the Detroit Lions

Translation: "You couldn't pay me enough to watch one more second of a Lions game. This team is awful. I feel for everyone in Detroit right now. Can we play them again next year? But earlier in the season, so I can watch less film of them."

4. "Yes, sir it does. Obviously, he's won a Super Bowl, been in [another] Super Bowl. He's been really helpful to me in all areas. He's such a fundamental coach. Everybody looks at him as just being an offensive genius with plays and all those things, but he is so sound at what he does. He's a former offensive line coach, so he's really grounded in the fundamentals. That really matches me."

- Detroit Lions head coach Rod Marinelli on having Mike Martz running his offense

Translation: "Yes, sir, I'm scared to death that they're going to fire me and replace me with Mike Martz. Why on Earth did I hire him?"

3. "He uses his words wisely to make you play, especially for me. When I was little growing up, my mom told me to take out the trash. I would just sit there. She would say, 'Take out the trash.' I would just sit there. She would say, 'Didn't I just tell your beep, beep, beep to get up and take out the trash?' I would get up and take out the trash. It is the same way that he coaches. His beep, beep, beeps are pretty good."

- Lions wide receiver Roy Williams on offensive coordinator Mike Martz

Translation: "I only respond to yelling and swearing. Can you guys speak up? And swear some when you're asking questions? Thanks."

2. "I don't think there are any teams that you can just show up and roll the helmets out there and expect to beat. You have to bring it every week."

- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Translation: "I think we can just show up and roll the helmets out there and expect to win."

1. "Mike Martz on offense, it's very diverse. They give you a lot of diversity, a lot of different personnel groups. They throw the ball down the field. They've hit 15, 20-yard passes like it's just sitting around eating potato chips."

- Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, on the Detroit offense

Translation: "I like to eat potato chips any time I watch the NFL Films recap of Super Bowl XXXVI. You know, the one where we kicked the crap out of Mike Martz's Rams? Potato chips are good. Especially with dip."


The Run will be forever immortalized with the great plays in NFL history. But that was last week. This week, the Patriots focus on the Lions. They've already beaten two other NFC North foes by a combined score of 66-7. This game's not expected to be close, either. But if anything is true in the NFL this season, the unexpected is often the norm. If the Patriots can avoid a letdown game, they'll head into next week's showdown with Miami at 9-3 and in the hunt for the No. 2 seed in the AFC.

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