Behind Enemy Lines: Texans Part 1

The matchup between the 4-9 Houston Texans is more than just another game on the Patriots schedule, it's a challenge to show that the Patriots belong in the playoffs. But there's more to the story than just another game in a schedule of 16. Get inside the Patriots' next opponent with Texan Blitz insider Adam Morris. Adam answers questions you want to know about New England's next opponent.

10 QUESTIONS - Texans vs Patriots Part 1 insider Adam Morris is this week's guest on 10 Questions.

10) How are things going with the new coaching staff in Houston? Has Gary Kubiak revamped the organization to his liking, or are more changes coming in the off-season?

Adam Morris: Well, things are better for the most part. QB David Carr still hasn't shows us much even having Gary Kubiak to coach him up but that could be because of the new systems on both offense and defense that have been put in place by the new coaching staff. Things are looking better as the season progresses especially on defense where the guys have really played well for the past 10 weeks or so. More changes will be happening next off-season. We didn't have new GM Rick Smith for the draft so him and Kubiak will be working together to have another good draft and free agency period.

9) What is it about David Carr that has the team sticking with him at this point? What are their other options if Carr doesn't work out?

AM: Kubiak thought that he could coach Carr into being a serviceable QB. He told owner Bob McNair that Carr was the guy to lead the team to the playoffs and Superbowl one day. Carr hasn't had the talent or offensive line to protect him and help make plays the entire time this franchise has been in Houston. If Carr doesn't work out here in Houston I could see backup QB Sage Rosenfels playing next year and possibly drafting a rookie QB in next years draft. There also might be a possibility of getting a proven veteran QB in Free Agency but it is unlikely at this point.

8) What's been the biggest obstacle to the Texans winning this season? Is it the schedule, injuries, lack of talent or something else?

AM: I think there are multiple obstacles and holes in the team that have held the Texans back this year. The offensive line is still an issue with three of our starters out on injured reserve. There is the questionable secondary that has been burned quite often this year for big plays. There is the defensive line that has both starting defensive tackles out for the season. We are also lacking a premier running back that can take the load off of David Carr and the offensive line.

7) What are the biggest needs of the Texans at this point, and what do you expect them to focus on in the off-season?

AM: The biggest need at this point would be a running back. Without Davis in the backfield, Carr has really struggled to put any sort of passing game together. Davis took much of the pressure off of David and provided him a way out if indeed he was getting into trouble. The other big need is health. We have seven starters out on the IR and 6 others out as well for the season.

6) Who is the best player on the Texans roster right now and if it's not the same person, who is the most underrated player on the team and why?

AM: I think the best and most underrated player on the Texans right now and all season for that matter is rookie LB Demeco Ryans. He has for surpassed most of our expectations and should be considered for defensive rookie of the year. He hasn't had much recognition from the national media till the game against the Raiders where he racked up a stat in almost every defensive category possible.

Look for part 2 where Adam answers questions about which Texans deserve Pro Bowl consideration, Fallout from losing to hometown hero Vince Young, The pass the team took on Reggie Bush in the Draft and much more. Adam shares his prediction for the Patriots game and his Top 5 teams in the NFL.

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