Behind Enemy Lines: Texans Part 2

Get inside the Patriots' next opponent with Texan Blitz insider Adam Morris. Adam answers questions you want to know about the Texan's recent drafts, the reaction in Houston from losing to Vince Young, what happened after the Texans passed on Reggie Bush and much more.

10 QUESTIONS - Texans vs Patriots Part 2 insider Adam Morris is this week's guest on 10 Questions.

5) The Texans recent history appears to parallel another franchise - the new era Cleveland Browns. A few years back, the Cleveland Browns had a choice to make with their first overall picks in the Draft. First they selected a quarterback (Tim Couch 1999) and then they opted to select a defensive lineman (Courtney Brown 2000). Brown struggled with injuries on a bad team and has yet to live up to his draft status, while Couch washed out of the league. How has drafting in the top of the order affected the Texans? Do you believe they've done a better job with their picks than Cleveland did, or is the Draft really just an educated crapshoot?

Adam Morris: First of all let me mention that the previous GM Charlie Casserly had certain views of what players he wanted and the previous head coach Dom Capers had his own views as well. Neither of them clicked well together and the bad draft choices amounted in large quantities. This past draft produced more starters and players to actually keep around than did all the past drafts the Texans have had. I think drafting Carr wasn't necessarily a mistake per say but the surrounding cast that he has had made it look like a bad pick. Carr hasn't had much of a chance since he has been here to be successful.

4) How has the team responded after losing to the Titans, and more importantly Vince Young the hometown boy?

AM: Well, as you know Young is up on a pedestal here in Houston. He was viewed before the draft to be the Texans savior. I for one wanted to get Bush as the number one pick but it didn't exactly turn out like that. At the recent game in Houston against the Titans, Vince was cheered tremendously before, during, and after the game especially after the game winning touchdown in OT occurred. There were many burnt orange number 10 jerseys as well as Titans jerseys. Fans here in Houston will follow his career for a long, long time.

3) Do the Texans regret not taking Reggie Bush?

AM: Yes and no. Most fans here wanted the Texans to draft Texas QB Vince Young. The other half were expecting Bush to be picked and then the Texans pulled something out of a hat and picked Mario Williams. I wont say it was a bad pick because Williams may end up being a pro bowler for year to come but Young being a hometown hero and Bush having the recent success he has had, has been really hard to swallow the pick.

2) Is there a player on the Texans who deserves to go to the Pro Bowl?

AM: Yes, definitely. There are actually two this year. First is MLB Demeco Ryans. Even though he is a rookie he has been incredible this year. He leads the NFL in solo tackles by a whopping 24 and leads in total tackles solo plus assisted. Second is WR Andre Johnson. He leads the NFL in receptions and has 1059 yards on the season capped off by four 100 yard games and five touchdowns. I believe both are well qualified and should be considered in the voting.

1) When the Texans acquired Eric Moulds, what were the expectations of the team? How has that acquisition impacted the team?

AM: The impact Moulds has had on the team is immeasurable. He is a leader on this team, he has been teaching our number one receiver Johnson the way to play the game and he has taken much of the pressure off of Johnson out on the field. By having him as our second receiver it gives Carr and the offense another weapon and the ability to use Johnson a little more like we had hoped. He doesn't have quite the numbers here in Houston as he did in Buffalo but that is bound to change next year when the team matures with each other and plays better as a team.

Curiosity Questions:

Who will win and why?
Morris: Patriots will win. Brady will come out ready to play and so will the team since the shutout last week against the Dolphins. I think Brady will have something to prove and so will his receivers. Look for Brady and Co. to have a great day in the air.

Texans record for the rest of the season?
Morris: Lose to the Pats, lose to the Colts, beat the Browns. That'll make them 5-11. Basically that puts them where most fans were thinking they would be except it seemed as the season went on they could have done better with the talent they have.

Top 5 teams in the NFL right now?
1. San Diego
2. Chicago
3. Indianapolis
4. Cincinnati
5. New Orleans

Look for Part 1 where Adam answered questions on the coaching staff, David Carr the team's biggest needs and who's the best player on the roster.

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