Patriots - Texans: What They Have To Do's insider Adam Morris and's Jon Scott provide keys for how each team can be beat. In a twist to the usual "keys to the game" articles found elsewhere, each insider outlines weaknesses that can be exploited by the other team to achieve victory.

What They Have To Do To Win On Sunday: Patriots - Texans Week 15 insider Adam Morris provids three keys the Patriots need to do to win, while's Jon Scott provides the keys to a Texans' win..

What the Patriots need to do to win
By Adam Morris, Texans Insider

1. Pressure David Carr. It has been a theme all season that with a good pass rush against the Texans, things don't pan out very well for them. Carr get's flustered in the pocket and either dumps off the pass for short gains or no gain at all. He will also take a sack even when he doesn't need to which often results in turnovers.

2. Play Cover 2. This style of defense has been the kryptonite of the Texans offense. In the 5 years of existence it seems the Texans have never been able to handle it and David Carr cannot seem to find a hole in it. He often holds onto the ball too long when his receivers are covered well and takes sacks or throws it away.

3. Pass the Ball. The Texans secondary has been burned many times this year. The depth is almost nonexistent in the secondary and the coverage abilities of them are minimal. Pass toward the middle of the field or right at Faggins on long bombs. That should do the trick.


What the Texans need to do to win
By Jon Scott, Patriots Insider

1. Pressure Tom Brady. After the debacle last Sunday where the Dolphins harassed, pressured and beat up Brady on a consistent basis to shut down the Patriots offense, the blueprint has been set on how to beat New England. Although the Patriots had opportunity to run to get out of the pressure, inexplicably they continued to try to throw the ball, and never got into a rhythm. If Houston can hit Brady early and often, they may be able to disrupt the Patriots offense enough to keep the game close. Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans should be able to find ways to get to Brady if the Texans can disguise some coverages or some of their blitzes.

2. Throw deep. Each week the story is the same… throw deep because the Patriots are prone to giving up the big play. With a pair of receivers in Eric Moulds and Andre Johnson, if the Texans' offensive line can give him time, David Carr should be able to get the ball deep to these downfield threats.

New England has yet another journeyman DB manning their pass protection in Ray Mickens, who was out of football until the Patriots signed him in week 14. With Troy Brown seeing playing time on defense, Mickens manning the nickelback position, and both starting safeties (Rodney Harrison Eugene Wilson) out, the Texans have a great opportunity to put up big numbers.

3. Stop The Run. Whatever strategy Houston uses to create an advantage, the big thing they should do is to focus on is stopping the run. If Houston finds a way to contain Corey Dillon, Laurence Maroney and Kevin Faulk, it will put pressure on New England's offense to get the ball to a questionable corps of receivers. New England will play the Texans without two of the team's top 3 pass catchers on the year (Ben Watson, injured; Doug Gabriel, cut). Turning the Patriots into a pass only team at this point will give the Texans a big advantage.

The Patriots just aren't in sync on offense, and losing Ben Watson is huge. They do have other players who can step in for him (Daniel Graham), but Watson's loss puts the Patriots at a decided disadvantage.

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