Moulds Frustrated With Texans Poor Play

Houston Texans wide receiver Eric Mould wasn't ready for the poor performance of the Texan's offense last Sunday. When he signed on as a free agent after ten seasons with the Bills, he had hoped his presence could make a difference. As it turned out, Sunday was all too familiar for the 11 year veteran -- another loss to the Patriots.

The director was upset, the lead actor confused and the bit players frustrated. That's what happens when the play, or plays, fall apart.

The Texans' first 15 plays are scripted, meaning they decide during the week which ones they will run, then practice them over and over so they can get off to a good start.

The script was busted early Sunday, and the Texans never recovered in a 40-7 loss to the Patriots.

After running 15 offensive plays, the Texans had a case of the terrible twos -- two turnovers, two sacks, two first downs and two pass completions. As might be expected, they faced a 20-0 deficit.

"(It's frustrating), especially when you know exactly what you're going to be doing before the play is called," receiver Eric Moulds said. "We're just not playing smart football.

"I know it's tough to watch. It's even tougher to be out there and going through it."

It's tougher to go through it for a guy like Moulds.

In his career, he has been so nasty to the Patriots (81 receptions for 1,004 yards in 19 games) that New England coach Bill Belichick said Moulds should make sure to thank the Pats during his Hall of Fame induction speech.

But he almost has to wave a flag in the secondary to get passes thrown his way by David Carr. Moulds finished with four receptions for 26 yards and didn't see a pass come his way until the Texans trailed by 27.

Running mate Andre Johnson, who came in as the NFL's leading receiver, had just five catches for 28 yards as the Texans again struggled to get the ball downfield.

"It's a number of things," Moulds said. "It can be protection breakdowns, it can be David's not reading the plays he should be reading at that point, or they're blitzing and getting to him. We've been trying to put our fingers on it the whole season."

Johnson didn't get a reception until the second quarter, and his first one went for no yards, his second for five.

"When you look at it, it's the same thing every week. It's frustrating," Johnson said. "A lot of the guys here are frustrated. I know the coach is frustrated."

Coach Gary Kubiak wouldn't lay the blame for the sluggish offense -- 198 yards, four turnovers, four sacks -- at the feet of Carr, but his ragged play set the tone for a unit that failed to notch a first down on half its possessions.

Almost half the Texans' first downs came on the first drive of the third quarter, when they went 70 yards in 10 plays to score a touchdown on a 1-yard run by Ron Dayne.

"I was sitting on the sideline and said, 'Man, why can't we do this at the beginning of the game?'" Johnson said. "We have to get that mindset, not wait to be down 14, 20 points, then try to go down and score. We need to come out and score first and not let the other team get us down."

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