Texans: Postgame Reactions

The Patriots 40-7 defeat of the Texans puts Houston into the double-digit loss column... again. As expected, reaction to the loss in the Texan's locker room wasn't any easier for the team even though they played well at times. Player reaction following the game.

Texans: Postgame Reactions

Eric Moulds, Wide Receiver

(On the Texans)
We just came out flat and we aren't playing smart football. I know that it is tough to watch. It is even tougher to be out there and going through it. We just aren't playing smart football and we have to get better. We have been trying to put our finger on it the whole season. Now we have two games left. It is frustrating to me as a veteran player because I try to get the young guys up to play, but we continue to go out there and struggle. You have to be professional and that is what I tell the young guys but I know it's frustrating. We came out in the second half and scored a touchdown. It shows we are capable of doing what we were supposed to be doing but we have to do that earlier in the game. We haven't been good this year of overcoming adversity. That has hurt us a lot this year. Any time you play a good team like New England you can't come in and turn the ball over. You have to play smarter football and we didn't do that today. That is a very good defense over there and if you give them the opportunity to make plays on you they will make them. They are one of the most well prepared teams that you will ever play and if you make mistakes they will exploit you. You can learn from playing any good team. We didn't play well enough to beat a team like New England.

Dexter McCleon, Cornerback

(On New England having good field position)
The last few weeks we have been playing pretty decent out of bad situations and today we felt we could have done the same thing. We had breakdowns defensively that gave them two touchdowns but other than that we felt we could have held them to three points or less. Then they returned the kickoff and took the wind out of us.

(On having a young team)
I think this team has experienced losing so much and not having success in the past that when something negative goes against you, you get into the mind frame of, 'Here we go again. That is it. We are out of it.' That is something that this team has to work towards, getting out of that mentality. The only thing that is going to take care of that is winning. Guys will start to gain confidence and realize that no matter what happens on the negative side we can pull out of this. We still have a job to do. We have to make plays on defense. It takes a toll on some guys.

Wali Lundy, Running Back

(On the offense)
They (the Patriots) capitalized on our mistakes and we didn't put drives together like we should have. Anytime you have turnovers it is going to be rough. Why hasn't it clicked in? That is what we have to find out. We won't be down for too long. Every week I feel like we get better but this (today) doesn't show it. Anytime you turn the ball over it is going to be tough to win.

Andre Johnson, Wide Receiver

(On the loss)
We had third and one and we did not get it. Then we did the fake punt and they stopped us. So the momentum for the other team stopping us on fourth and one, and giving them great field position did not help. If we had converted that third down, we would have had a longer drive. Who knows what would have happened after that. When you look at it, it is just the same thing every week. It is frustrating, and a lot of the guys here are frustrated. I know the coach is frustrated. We just have to try to stay focused and get this thing turned around.

(On the offense)
We came in at half time and we were down 27-0. We came right out and took the ball right down the field and scored. I was sitting on the sideline and said 'why couldn't we do this at the beginning of the game?' I guess we just have to get that mindset, and not wait to be down. We just need to come out and score first and not let the other team get us down. We just need to go out and find a way to make plays and win games.

Steve McKinney, Guard

(On game)
Our hats off to them. They played extremely well, but we definitely helped them. It was one of those days, the ball was not bouncing our way. To there credit, they were making some of there breaks happen for them and we weren't.

(On ranking this loss)
It's hard to rank them. They all hurt and this one hurts just as bad as any of the others. The way the game started out, it went all downhill quick. We thought we were going to get a little something going after halftime. We went down the field, scored and looked great, then they run the kick-off back for a touchdown. Every time we did something good, they responded and we didn't. What are you going to do?

(On rallying around David Carr)
He's (David) handled it like a pro. David's our teammate and we all love him. We really care about him, not just as a player, but as our friend. I've known him since the first day he's been with us, so I'm going to back him until the end. I know the potential he has and everyone around him has to help him. He can't do it all by himself. Unfortunately today, no one ever stepped up to make any spectacular plays. You just can't blame it on one person.

Jason Babin, Defensive End

(On defense holding NE to field goals after starting in great field position)
It's not really exciting, but it's better than the other option.

(On disappointment of stopping NE and then having to go right back in)
We don't really look at it from that point of view. It just gives us another chance to go back out there and make some plays.

Jason Simmons, Free Safety

(On the fake punt attempt)
We tried to make a play. It's fourth and inches, and we have got to try and get it. It is not like one of those, 'Wow. Why did they call that?' or a play out of the ordinary. When it is fourth and inches, you try and get it. It was one of those things that I thought we could do it and sometimes you pull the trigger. If I make it, it is a good play, and if I don't it is a bad play. It is one of those situations that the coach has trust in me to do. If I had to do over again, I would still probably do it again. We should be able to get a couple of inches.

(On the game)
We are disappointed, I know one thing has carried us since we have been here is our special teams and to give up points on that, it really hurts. Defensively, our guys stayed in there and fought hard, despite the circumstances, there was no quitting. Guys showed a lot heart out there to me.

When we break it (the huddle) up "we say family" and that's what we are and we are going to stick together. Not one side of the ball lost the game, we all lost the game as a team.

Quinton Porter, Quarterback

(On being the 3rd QB)
I always try to stay warm and get loose. If [Bradlee] Van Pelt were to go in, I am one step away after that and who knows what they might decide at any time decide. I am always keeping myself ready.

(On the season so far)
It's a huge learning process. Basically I am trying to learn the system and get to know the guys. I am trying to get to know how it works in the NFL and get myself used to it. I am learning a lot and getting myself ready and I feel like any time now once my number is called I am ready to go.

It's great being down there (on the sidelines), a lot of learning for me. I get to watch Dave (Carr), see how he handles some of the disappointments and some of the good things that he does. I also get the opposing teams that we play, going to Peyton Manning and seeing Tom Brady today, you learn a lot from that if you are watching closely.

David Carr, Quarterback

(On losing control of the game early)
We were already on the losing end of the game and to just give them points like that didn't help. We tried to do too much after that and it just got worse

(On the interceptions)
On the first (interception) Richard Seymour just made a nice play. You have to credit the secondary. They just moved around a lot. They made it difficult, but there weren't plays they hadn't played before. They just got up and I tried to do too much.

(On how he feels after a tough loss)
This is hard because it's getting past old for me. I mean, this is just going on-- doing this, coming up and getting beat. The way we got beat today is really frustrating… even more frustrating because I let myself get out of my game plan, which was to play a good football game. The defense was playing great, we were running the ball a little bit, but once they got up two or three scores I just got out of my game plan. I tried to make plays that weren't there and honestly we're not capable of making yet. I was just trying to do too much.

(On inability to get the ball to Andre Johnson)
That's tough. It's hard. They did a good job taking him away. But we had players out there, we had opportunities, we just didn't … they got up on us quick, especially with the interceptions.

(On Patriots loss to Miami last week)
We thought we had a chance. Obviously we watched what Miami did last week. They are a beatable team. But we knew they were going to come back out and play with the intensity that they play with. They haven't won three Super Bowl the last three years for nothing.

(On last two games of the season)
You never want to lose. The last two weeks have been real tough, on the team, me, everybody because of the way we played them. It's rough, we need to have a good week and see what happens

(On speculation about his future in Texas)
It makes it tough, but we've been losing for a while and I'm tired of it. If you want to blame me, blame me. It's not the first time. I just want to win. That's really what it comes down to: being a competitor. I'm past the point worrying about what's said about me, I'd rather just do my thing, go out there, hand the ball off, make a couple of plays. You just praise every one of my teammates because they deserve it. If we were winning football games, winning championships, that would be the best thing going.

(On lack of protection from his offensive line)
We had some things in there. I just tried to force the issue, a couple of times getting hit and then throwing it. I just tried to do much. It does take a total team effort but at the same time I should've just shut the ball down. But when we're down like that, I'm trying to win football games. I'm tired of playing good and losing by 20, I was trying to win the game and we didn't win, it doesn't matter really what the score is at all.

(On his confidence level)
It's not really my confidence. I know what I can do, I know the kind of person I am - I know the kind of husband I am, the father I am. That stuff is all fine, that stuff is all taken care of. The stuff that bothers me is the football stuff - going out there, I know I can play the game. It's what I've been doing the last couple of weeks, that's what's frustrating.

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