Belichick: It was a pretty good football game

The Patriots defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars today at Alltel Stadium to clinch the AFC East division. The win, a welcome result, almost came with a high price as Tom Brady was knocked out of the game on a vicious hit as he slid to the ground. Head coach Bill Belichick talked about the game, Tom Brady's play, and the possibility of losing his star player to injury and more.

(on the game)
“That was a pretty good football game out there today, real physical just like we expected it. Jacksonville is a real good football team, they play well here. I thought it took a real strong effort by our players and in the end they went out there and made enough plays to win. I’m real proud of them. Proud of what they have done this year. We accomplished one of our goals today. We still have a lot of work to do but it is real satisfying to come down here and win. It was pretty ironic of course the last time we were here would be the same score with (Rodney) Harrison getting the ball at the end of the game, you know and all that. Regardless of how it happened we are happy with the result and you just have to give all the credit in the world to the players today. They played their hearts out, it was a physical game, tough place to play but they came down here and made enough plays to win. The players certainly deserve it.”

(on how sharp Tom Brady was today)
“I thought offensively we had pretty good execution for most of the game. We tried to mix some runs in there to keep them honest but we made most of our yards throwing the ball. We had a lot of them on fairly short throws, its hard to get the ball over top of these guys; they do a good job of seeing the field. I thought we had a pretty good day offensively. Defensively we gave up a couple of long plays but otherwise a pretty solid performance there. You have to give them credit, they have some good players and those guys make good plays.”

(on if his heart skipped a beat when Tom Brady got hurt)
“Sure, you don’t want to see any player go down. Luckily he bounced back. He’s a tough kid that was a big first down that he got. Ultimately that led to our final points that we were able to put up there. I think that reflected his toughness and his competitiveness, and how bad he wants to win, that’s the type of great player he is.”

(on David Thomas’s touchdown catch)
“They were in split safety coverage. We were kind of overloaded to the right side there. Nobody came over to get him and Tom (Brady) made a nice throw and put it right over the top of the linebacker. (David) Thomas laid out there and made a tough catch. Well executed play, there was a little window there for Tom (Brady) to get it in and (David) Thomas made the play. Dave (Thomas) stepped up and had a couple of big catches for us today. Those were important. We spread the ball around pretty good. We are not a one-man band in the passing game; we spread the ball to a lot of different receivers in our passing game.”

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