Jones-Drew: We Are One Of The Best

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew talks about the loss to the New England Patriots at Alltel Stadium. Jones-Drew had a one of the best games against a stout Patriots defense, but in the end, his efforts weren't enough as the Jaguars fell 21-24, and are a long shot to make the playoffs now.

(talk about your unusual 74-yard run)
“I was running and I didn’t get a chance to see Kyle (Brady) who was doing a great job of blocking the defensive end and kind of bounced off and nobody touched me so I got up and took off running and a linebacker tried to throw me but I kept running and then (Rodney) Harrison tried to get my leg and then I just ran to get to the end zone.”

(you were aware that you hadn’t been touched?)
“Yeah, I had no one touch me.”

(have you ever had a run like that at any level?)
“In high school I had a kick off return where a guy tried to throw me on the ground and I landed on his friend so I got up and scored, that was pretty cool.”

(loss dampens the great run, what is your attitude going forward?)
“It did more than damper, the run doesn’t mean anything because we didn’t win. It wasn’t enough. For me we just want to win and it wasn’t enough to win so we have to work harder. We needed this win and we didn’t make enough plays to win.”

(you have set many records this season so far?)
“I would rather win than do all that, it is a great thing and coaches did a great job of putting me in situations, the offensive line and receivers did a great job of blocking and making plays but all that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t win and right now we are in a tough situation because we didn’t win a must win game. We don’t know the scenarios but we want go out and get a victory in Kansas City.”

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew #32 of the Jacksonville Jaguars celebrates his third quarter touchdown against the New England Patriots on December 24, 2006 at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. The Patriots defeated the Jaguars 24-21. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

(on winning on the road)
“If everyone plays like they are then we will be fine. If we all play like we can, that is why we are here and we will be fine. David Garrard makes great plays and we try to go out there and help him out. Today we just came up short. If we can go out there and play like whom we are than we will be fine. That is what we have to get back to, everybody is here for a reason and everybody makes plays in different ways so if we can go out there and make plays like we know we can and play with that confidence than we will be alright.”

(without Fred Taylor how much pressure did you put on yourself?)
“There was no pressure just run the football, run the ball. The offensive line told me to just follow me, so I just followed them the whole time. Derrick (Wimbush) said the same thing when he was in, just follow me, and the one time I didn’t follow him I got tackled for a two yard loss so I knew to follow him the next time. There is no pressure, we are just out there and Fred would coach me up whole time, anytime I came to the sideline he had something to tell me and that is how our relationship is, we are out here to win and that is all that matters so Fred will get back next week and we will get back to what we were doing before.”

“If you watch the game one guy cannot do everything, if you take out the offensive line, the receivers and it is just me I am not going to do anything, I am just being real. Some guys try to take credit for something you couldn’t do back in high school or college, one guy cannot beat a team, it has to be a team effort. One guy is going to get the credit but it is a team effort to go out there and make plays. It is a shame that the offensive lineman don’t get awards because they almost have two thousand yard rushers this year and they need an award and they need to go to the Pro Bowl because I don’t think there is another team that has almost two one thousand yard rushers. Everybody tries to give credit to everyone else but theses guys here work hard and don’t ask for anything. I gave them all gifts today and they were like why is he giving me a gift, and I was like it Christmas, why wouldn’t I give you a gift. So that is the way they are, they are a great group of guys.”

(should you be considered for the Rookie of the Year honors?)
“I do but I would rather win, this loss is hurting, it is a great thing to get an individual award but I would rather have that World Championship ring than anything. Like I told you guys before it doesn’t matter how many great things you do in a game if you lose. All that matters is that you win.”

(what do you remember about this season so far?)
“How we stick together, I don’t want to put any blame on you guys but sometimes you try to tear us apart with your words and the papers and stuff but we just kept on fighting and that is all that matters. I have been a group of guys that likes to fight but in this league it is all about you, what can you do to get the next contract but these guys are all about team. We were trying to do whatever it took. No one bickered about Byron (Leftwich) and David (Garrard), no one bickered about me and Fred (Taylor), we just wanted win. Everybody just kept chugging along to get the victory and that is what it should be about because it is a team sport.”

(what is your greatest accomplishment as an individual so far?)
“Getting here, who would think a guy that is five seven could play in the NFL. I bet you guys doubted me. Just making it to the league because a lot of people doubted me, that is why I like playing this game, just to prove a lot of people wrong.”

(was breaking down the difference in this game?)
“I messed up sometimes and we would get a drive going and than something would happen so if we played more consistently we would be a much better team. We are one of the best teams out there, no one can really hang with us but we keep stopping ourselves. Today they did a great job out there and that defense would not break, they kept bending and we thought we would have them but it was tough because little things were killing us.”

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