Patriots: Inside The Locker Room

The New England Patriots took care of business after a string of games that had the former Super Bowl champs looking like anything but postseason contenders. Tom Brady led the offense to 24 hard earned points in a close contest. Tedy Bruschi was the inspirational leader on Defense. Get inside for their post game comments and more.

Tom Brady, Quarterback

(on winning in Jacksonville)
“We’ve been successful down here twice and it’s good to get a win. It’s always hard fought against these guys. They are a tough, physical team and obviously coached very well. They made a few plays and we left some opportunities out there.”

(on 10 different receivers catching a pass)
“We tried to spread it around the best we could. All the receivers were working hard to get open. The backs did a great job. That was the plan – to find the open guy and try to spread them out a little bit and run it. Execution could have been better, but I’ll take a win.”

(on Jacksonville defense)
“These guys make you earn every yard. It’s always tough to move the ball. They rush the passer pretty well. Everything is hard-earned out there.”

(on fourth straight division title)
“It’s pretty exciting for this team. We fought through a lot this year. Not a lot of guys expected a lot from us except the guys in that room. You look at the games we lost. Those were all hard fought. We are pretty good when we don’t beat ourselves. As we go forward, hopefully, we learned those lessons. We are one of six teams in the AFC and I always like our chances. We will see how it turns out.”

David Thomas, Tight End

(on diving TD catch)
“The safety split and Tom put it in a spot where I could get it. It was a great throw by him and you just have to catch those.”

(on being more involved in offense)
“It felt good because I’ve been working hard all year. The most important thing was getting the win, clinching the playoffs and getting that division title.

Tedy Bruschi, Linebacker

(on what the victory means today)
“We’ve accomplished something now. There are a lot of teams that get into the playoffs as a wildcard but they haven’t really accomplished anything until they’ve won a divisional title or get to the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl. It’s our first goal. We can look at it as a positive for the next couple of days. The first thing you have to do is to win the division and then go from there.”

(on the defense today)
“You don’t notice a dropoff, but when you get Rodney (Harrison) back, he can do things that gives you confidence as a team. The defense feeds off of him and he’s a very emotional player.”

(on Tom Brady’s play)
“It’s the first time I’ve seen him take a shot like he took today and stay down. He got up. Matt (Cassel) came in for one play, but to see No. 12 go back in there after one play fires us all up as a team!”

Matt Light, Offensive Lineman

(on Tom Brady)
“He’s a great leader on the field. He went out there today and did what he always does. Whenever we needed a big play, he’s always out there making them. He made a great throw to David (Thomas) late in the game, and also took a pretty good hit on another throw to Daniel (Graham). Tom Brady has always approached the game in the same fashion. At certain points in the season, when things are not rolling right, leaders always step up on the team. He did what he had to do today.”

(on the victory and clinching the division championship)
“We all collectively look at each other and realize we had to do more. So, today we went out and proved that we’re a pretty good football team. There’s not many times when you come into the lockerroom, even after a big win, that you feel pretty relaxed with a sense of accomplishment like today. The season is so long, and everybody has worked hard. This is a culmination of our off-season, our pre-season, and a lot of tough games won here in the regular season. So, hopefully, everybody is relaxed and enjoying this moment.”

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