Patriots Quick Hits

Tom Brady has a friend who's familiar with the Chargers. Rodney Harrison may miss his homecoming, again, but he's still getting credit for being a player others can look up to. These and other quick hits from New England.

Brady Has Caldwell To Rely On

The Chargers are one of three non-division opponents that QB Tom Brady has multiple losses against. The other two are the Broncos and Colts. He's lost to the Colts and Chargers twice, while dropping five games to the Broncos.

Brady said he talked to WR Reche Caldwell about the Chargers and found out that San Diego's players don't hold a high opinion of the Patriots.

"Reche has a bunch of familiarity with those guys, I know he's friends with a lot of those guys, and they don't think too highly of us from what Reche says," Brady said.

Harrison Honored

S Rodney Harrison has been selected by his Patriots teammates to receive the 2006 Ed Block Courage Award. The honor is bestowed annually upon the player who, according to his teammates, best exemplifies the principles of courage and sportsmanship while also serving as a source of inspiration. Harrison and award winners from 31 other teams will be honored at the 28th Annual Ed Block Courage Awards Banquet in Baltimore in March.

Knocking Off No. 1

--The Patriots have won their last four games against top-seeded teams in the postseason. New England holds an all-time record of 5-3 against top-seeded teams in the playoffs. At 14-2, the Chargers are the top seed in the AFC this year.

Brady Looks To Do It Again

The Patriots' Oct. 14, 2001, victory over the Chargers was the first of Tom Brady's 23 career fourth-quarter comebacks.

--"It's all about preparation, and this is another big blitz team, they're about a 50 percent blitz team, so they bring it," he said. "They get to the quarterback. It's going to be a challenging day for the guys up front to handle the blitz pick-up, and it's going to be difficult on the road, with all the communication stuff, and for the receivers to get open against one-on-one coverage, it will be challenging." -- Brady talking about playing against the aggressive Chargers defense this week.

Tippett Nominated

--Former Patriots LB Andre Tippett was announced as one of the 17 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Tippett has been eligible to make the Hall for nine years now, but this is the first time he's been a finalist for induction.

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