ASK AN INSIDER: Patriots - Colts

Do you have a question about the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots this weekend? We're taking your questions and posing them to an NFL insider (Adam Caplan). Adam will answer a select group of reader questions about the players, the Patriots - Colts championship game or other issues you may wonder about regarding these teams.

Adam is Adam Caplan of Sirius NFL Radio, and Senior NFL writer for the network. Adam is a league insider familiar with all of the NFL's clubs. A regular attendee of the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine and the Draft, Adam also provides keen insight into team needs and players available to address those needs.

Send us your questions, and Adam will do his best to respond to as many as possible.

Be sure to include your first name , last initial, and where you're from in the note.

Example Question:

Name: Jon S.
Town: Boston, Mass

Question: Adam, Is there an issue with the strength of Vinatieri's leg at this point in his career, and do you think that will be a factor in the game on Sunday? Against Baltimore he barely made a 51-yarder , something he's had little trouble with in years past.

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