The Super Bowl has finally arrived and it's come to be a defining moment in the much hyped career of Peyton Manning. It's also a watershed moment in coaching history with two African American coaches -- friends -- meeting in the big game. So who is going to win? Jim Poore gives you his pick against the spread.

The two weeks is finally up, but to be honest it didn't seem to drag on this year like it has in year's past. It also seems like I have not seen as many Peyton Manning commercials since his team has made it to the big game. That is likely to change. Both teams deserve to be here. Manning generated the biggest comeback in AFC Championship game history by scoring 32 points in the second half. The Patriots fans are still whining that once again, like every other loss since Bill Belichick took over the team, that the referees screwed their beloved football team ( apparently they fail to remember the "tuck rule" ). The referees did not allow 32 second half points. I think it is about time that Manning gets the credit he deserves. So do the Bears. Very few picked them to beat New Orleans, and they ended up winning easily. Everyone likes to pick on Rex Grossman, but to be fair he hasn't been that bad in the postseason. There is still one more game though. The Colts defense might make him look bad in this game, and it could be the Colts' defense, not their offense, that decides this games outcome.

Indianapolis Colts 7 Chicago Bears
I can understand why the Colts are favored, but I think the number seems a little high. That doesn't mean that the Colts aren't going to cover. Many people seem to think this game will be over early, but I am not so sure. The Bears do have some weapons on offense, but it will be up to Rex Grossman to get those weapons to work. The Colts, obviously, are loaded on offense and it is unlikely that the Bears will be able to completely stop them. I think it is pretty simple actually. The Colts are simply the better team. Of course, the best team doesn't always win, but I think they will here. I have been riding the Colts all season and I am not going to stop now. I think Peyton Manning deserves a Super Bowl ring, and Tony Dungy might be one of the nicest guys in all of sports. I think it is tough to root against him. I like the Colts to cover here, but I think the Bears can and will keep it close. It will finally be time to close the book on the theory that Manning can't win the big one. It will be proven that theory was ridiculous anyway.

Indianapolis Colts 26 Chicago Bears 17

Jim Poore has been a long time contributor to Patriots insider with his weekly picks column.

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