Super Bowl XLI: A lackluster finish to 2006

After watching a season this year in the National Football League that was filled with drama and excitement. It had to end in such a 'blah' moment. As usual, there was never a dull moment in these battles drawn on the gridiron during every moment before the Super Bowl. Even the historic value of two African American coaches in the bowl was a major story before the game.

Whether it was watching to television to have to sit through the latest T.O. drama, or to see the overall domination of the AFC compared to the weaker NFC conference. This was a season of both rivalries and heart felt side shows.

After a season that started with one of the best up and coming freshman classes with superstar Reggie Bush and the dramatic first pick of Mario Williams in the 2006 draft by Houston, this was a season to see the youth of the league start to take over the reigns from the 'old schoolers' and begin to shape what the league will look like in the future.

We all watched the New Orleans Saints this year go from a laughing stock to one of the premier teams in the league where it seemed that everyone in the country was rooting for them emotionally and spiritually.

We also saw the tragic untimely death of Darrent Williams of the Denver Broncos and the suspension of Shawn Merriman for illegal drug use. It was all like a soap opera.

Then after all of the drama of the playoffs, came the SuperBowl. What an absolute letdown. This wasn't just because I am a well-known Patriots fan; this was because I am also a fan of football.

The game this year between the Bears and the Colts lacked both intensity and drama. Both are factors that are needed when you are watching the annual big game. Most fans of football, if asked, will say that they would like to see a well-played, well-executed game. That is definitely NOT what we got in this game.

Sloppy play, fumbles, turnovers and overall bad performances by both teams left football fans something to be desired.

Now as most people will agree, we are currently watching one of the most talented, hard working quarterbacks ever in the Colts' Peyton Manning. Anybody that knows anything about football sees the accomplishments that he has achieved and gave him an 'attaboy' after his victory.

The problem is that it seemed that this year it was willed and destined by the National Football League that Manning was going to win one finally. Even after the big game was over and you saw a decent performance by Manning but you had players like rookie running back, Joseph Addai catching 10 balls and rushing for over 60 yards and Domenic Rhodes was rushing for over 100 yards with a touchdown. These guys were not even going to get a nod or look because this was Peyton's year.

You could see it in the media; you could see it in the propaganda from the league and all around. This was going to be Manning's year indeed.

When you look at the season for the Colts, you see the end result as World Champion. Taking nothing away from these guys because you don't have to be the best team in the league to win the big game. They were clutch in important situations.

Not being clutch was a big label unfortunately put on Manning's shoulders even after he put the team in positions to win in the past but lost because of an "idiot kicker".

On the other hand while watching this game, you had to see the awful performance by the young Rex Grossman of the Bears. In the first half it seemed to me that he was playing very conservative and trying not to make a mistake. We all saw what happened in the second half.

I will tell you this I want to give hats off to the Indianapolis Colts this year for being crowned champions. They made huge second half adjustments in both the AFC championship and the Super Bowl and found a way to win. And as a football fan, I wanted to the thank the NFL for making it another fun and exciting year all around, but I have to tell you that this Super Bowl was a boring, simple and sloppy one. It was pretty sad that the only highlight was the halftime show with Prince belting out covers of years past.

Until next year National Football League, we will be waiting with anticipation.

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