RUMOR MILL UPDATE: Davis Retires has multiple updates on rumors surrounding Patriot free agents, players on the roster, and potential free agent targets. See what was the Hot Update on 3/4

Patriots Insider has been tracking rumors all off-season for our readers. As fans know, the world of rumormongering can be crazy and bizarre at times. Some rumors bear watching while others should just be tossed aside.

Remember the rumor that the Patriots were interested in Sammy Morris, or that the Pats had a chance to sign Adalius Thomas away from the 49ers? insiders knew before it happened. You can too.


Are you wondering about certain players and what will happen to them? Will they return? Will they sign a big free agent deal? Who are they talking to?

We track all the ones worth tracking as they affect the New England Patriots in the Rumor Mill.

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Some recent rumors Patriots Insider has been following:

Larry Izzo WarmNot coming back to New England. May sign with the Jets
Don DavisConfirmedWill retire
Patrick PassWarmNot coming back. Will sign with another team.
Wes WelkerHOTPatriots will sign him to an offer sheet that the Dolphins can't match
Tully Banta-CainHOTGoing to Jets/Rams/other
Corey DillonWarmNot retired. Will play next season
 ConfirmedWill ask for his release
Joey PorterWarmPatriots are interested
Randy MossColdPats thinking about trading with Oakland
Troy BrownWarmWill return in 2007
Daniel GrahamConfirmedWill not sign with the Patriots before FA. Will not return.
Adalius ThomasConfirmedPatriots may sign him away from San Franciso
Sammy MorrisConfirmed Will sign with the Patriots as an unrestricted free agent
Kyle BradyConfirmedPatriots Interested
Tedy BruschiConfirmedWill return for another season /Not retire.
Rodney HarrisonConfirmedWill return for another season /Not retire.

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