Belichick and Pioli Scouting Talent

Wondering what the Patriots are up to when they're not signing free agents in Foxborough? insiders caught up with the pair and have an interesting report on who they're taking a closer look at.

We know the New England Patriots have a number of needs to address in the 2007 NFL Draft. From linebacker, to cornerback, safety, wide receiver and even defensive line are positions needs to address in the Draft or via free agency. New England Scouts are all over the country. Over the weekend it was Notre Dame, today it's someplace a little warmer..

Our insiders at TFY Draft Preview, and our  Florida affiliate at Scout are at the Pro Day for the University of Florida and they've reported some interesting news.  We already know that Belichick has an affinity for Florida receivers... and well... lots of Florida players. 

In the report Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli are so enamored with a certain Draft prospect they've decided to stick around in Gainsville for a closer look Thursday.  (here's a hint: the last time they did this... they drafted the guy)

Other reports indicate that they're also looking at THIS guy on Thursday

Who are they? Click Here to find out

There are also updates from's Washington State affiliate which brings more intrigue on who the Pats could be looking at. 


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