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HE'S BAAAACK! Adam Caplan returns to answer your questions. You've read his bio. You've seen him cited by media outlets across the web. Now you can ask him all about the New England Patriots. exclusive access to NFL insider Adam Caplan of Sirius NFL Radio and

Sirius NFL Radio and's very own NFL Expert Adam Caplan has offered to answer questions for Patriots fans who want to know what's happening with the team.

If you have a question about what's going on with New England and the Draft, Free Agency or whatever is on your mind, this is your chance to get an answer from an insider.


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Q: The Patriots are said to be looking at tackles. Which round do see them addressing this and who do you think may possibly be available for them in that round?
LJ - Boston, Mass

ADAM CAPLAN: They're pretty much set at RT with Kaczur or O'Callaghan but I think LT is a possibility to get addressed on the first day of the draft. Light isn't exactly old but some might feel his play last year regressed.

Q: I have seen Zak DeOssie, Tim Shaw and Anthony Waters thrown around as late round sleepers that could be a good fit in a 3-4. The Pats need to get younger at the LBer spot. What other 3,4,5th round prospects do you see fitting into the 3-4? Who do you tihnk the Pats will have their eye on?
-- Brian - Boston , MA

ADAM CAPLAN: I might have a better idea as we get closer to the draft but I would say in that area they will look for ILBs based on need. I would expect the early round picks to be spent on secondary help.

Q: With all the changes to the Pats roster and other teams rosters (such as Indy , SD , Balt)where would you rate them with other teams on paper?
-- Gino Natick , MA

ADAM CAPLAN: I would say #2 in the AFC in back of Indy. I want to see how all these pieces fit during training camp before I start moving them ahead of Indy. But as far as free agency goes, they did the best of any team. Free agency is all about addressing needs and they did as good as a job as you could have asked for.


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I know in basketball they have player coaches, is there a such thing in football? If so do you think the pats would consider offering something like that to Troy Brown? If so would that player/coaches salary count against the salary cap?
-- Eddie, Boston , Ma

What do you think the chances of the Patriots taking a Wide Receiver in the draft are? Will they be looking at someone late in the draft whom they can add to the Practice Squad such as a Roy Hall from Ohio State who was buried under the depth chart but really impressed during his pro-day?
-- DJ, Boston , MA


Caplan Background:

Adam Caplan is a senior NFL reporter for, partner in and host on Sirius NFL Radio. He has been a source for many free agent signing stories for the network. Caplan's years of NFL insider experience allow him to dig up scoops many other media outlets can only wish for. While he tracks the NFL players year-round, he also attends the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, among other league functions, and has numerous contacts in the league.

Insiders can read Caplan's reports not only on, but also around the rest of the NFL Network.


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