7 Points With CB Chris Houston

Arkansas cornerback Chris Houston, a projected first-round selection in this year's draft, talked to Scout.com's Ed Thompson about his impressive performances at the Combine and his Pro Day experience in the first half of this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: How's everything been going for you through this whirlwind period of the Combine, Pro Day and heading into the NFL Draft?

Chris Houston: It's been a very good experience. I'm just learning as I'm going on, and it's been a very blessed experience.

ET: I was really impressed by your poise and communications skills in the media room at the Combine during your press conference. Have you always been comfortable talking in front of crowds like that?

CH: Well, not really. It's just something that for me is about being yourself. And when I talk to people, I'm just trying to be myself and I guess it just comes out natural.

ET: You reportedly ran a 4.32 forty-time at the Combine. Did you even impress yourself a little bit with that time?

CH: No, because I knew that I was running a 4.3 already. My personal goal was a 4.28. At the start of the 40-yard dash, when I was just practicing, the shoes I had on were slippery. So I was so focused on not slipping,  and I told myself I'm going to come out slow to try not to slip and then I'll pick up speed as I keep going.  So I could've run a little faster, but I'm just blessed with the time that I ran.

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ET: I know your other number that really jumped out at people was your 27 reps on the bench. But you've been a dedicated weight-room guy for years...

CH: Yes sir. I was always naturally strong for some reason, I started realizing that in high school. A lot of the other guys were bigger then me and I just always did the weights in high school and I just finally found myself doing more weights than any other person that was on the football team in high school. And then for my redshirt freshman year at college I was doing 420 pounds, and that was a freshmen bench record. I've just always been stronger then most guys, I don't know where that comes from, I guess it comes from a gift from God.

ET: You missed only three games during your college career, back in 2004.  Considering the type of work you do out on the football field, that's pretty amazing. What do you credit your that to?

CH: First to God and then to strength and conditioning.  And also to coach and me just wanting to put in the extra work to try and get myself to stay healthy during the football game.

ET: How'd you feel about your performance during your position drills at your Pro Day?

CH: I did very well. To me there's a lot of things I could work on, but during the backpedaling drills I think I did very well. I wasn't planning on doing anything because I had personal workouts set up with the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans on the 27th and 28th. And I didn't know if I needed to do anything at the Pro Day because I had just done everything at the Combine about two weeks earlier. Some teams kind of got upset when they heard I wasn't going to workout, so I told them that I would workout doing some position drills. Everybody said they thought I did a very good job during position drills.

ET: Who ran the workouts for your position?

CH: A Baltimore Ravens coach ran the position drills and all the other teams watched.

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