Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat (4/19) senior NFL reporter and SIRIUS NFL Radio host Adam Caplan joined Patriots Insider Jon Scott to address fans questions on the Draft, free agency and the Asante Samuel contract situation. Get inside for the transcripts, include three insider scoops on news not reported anywhere else. senior NFL reporter and SIRIUS NFL Radio host Adam Caplan joined Patriots Insider Jon Scott to address fans questions on the Draft, free agency and the Asante Samuel contract situation. Get inside for the transcripts, include three insider scoops on news not reported anywhere else.

Transcript from 4/19 Adam Caplan Chat

BLUE = Patriots Insider Jon Scott
RED = NFL Insider / guest Adam Calpan
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Transcript from 4/19 chat as follows:

<JSinCT> Welcome Adam
<wvsabbath> hey adam

<JSinCT> Adam: What's the latest with Asante Samuel?
<adamcaplan> JS: Nothing and I don't expect anything for a while.
<adamcaplan> There's no sense of urgency there.
<adamcaplan> Not in April or May.
<adamcaplan> BTW, I'm going to report something later tonight on Dillon, nothing big but kind of where he's at.

<JSinCT> Do you think that process will affect their draft plans?
<adamcaplan> JS: They have less needs.

<DisplacedPatsFan> Adam..what do you make of the Patriot's offseason moves?
<adamcaplan> DIS: They've done the best of anyone. But James didn't play well last season.
<adamcaplan> Surprised they paid him what they did for one season.

<Jimbothekid> Adam, there are reports out there that three of the top 10 picks in the upcoming NFL draft have admitted to marijuana use. Do you think this will affect their draft status next week?
<adamcaplan> JIM: The one that could be trouble is Adams
<adamcaplan> some think while he's very good, he tends to be a little lazy
<adamcaplan> so the pot admission doesn't help but any team that wants him knew about it anyway.

<DisplacedPatsFan> Are the Patriots looking at any QB's in the draft?
<adamcaplan> DIS: I doubt it, they really like Cassel.

<PatriotsChic2> what is going on with maroney recovery
<adamcaplan> PAT: Maroney is expected to be fine well before training camp.

<DisplacedPatsFan> Would you care to predict the AFC East?
<adamcaplan> DIS: Ask me after the draft, no reason to do so before it.
<DisplacedPatsFan> Will do.
<adamcaplan> They certainly are the favorite in a big way now.

<GROG11> Do you think the pats have any interest in trading both #24 and #28 to move up??
<adamcaplan> GROG: If the right player drops, yes.

<DisplacedPatsFan> Were you surprised as to how high the Pats finished last year?
<adamcaplan> DIS: Anything can happen in the playoffs, that SD game was nuts.

<Jimbothekid> Adam, are the Raiders really ready to take a quarterback with the number one pick despite their horrible offensive line?
<adamcaplan> JIM: A good QB can help an average or worse OL.

<TNPatsFan> adam, i believe the only offensive player the pats would draft in the first round is joe staley. am i correct?
<adamcaplan> TN: No.
<adamcaplan> Makes no sense.
<adamcaplan> If Ginn dropped to them they would fall over turning the card in,

<GROG11> They are not fast enough on D anymore----they still must upgrade here!!!
<adamcaplan> GROG: ILB is an issue

<JSinCT> From an emailer: Many in the media believe the Patriots have changed their ways and are on a spending spree this year. The Pats denied it saying they just spend what they have to. What is your take on that?
<adamcaplan> JS: In this year's free agency, you either spent earlier or didn't much at all
<adamcaplan> they chose to hit them early
<adamcaplan> and it worked well

<TNPatsFan> speaking of ginn, what is the deal? why does it take three and a half months to recover from a sprained ankle. that's my only concern with him
<adamcaplan> not a sprained ankle
<adamcaplan> A mid-foot sprain is esentially a broken foot.
<adamcaplan> TN: He had a broken foot

<wvsabbath> Adam, is there a chance that the pats will choose a offensive lineman in the first or second round?
<adamcaplan> WV: Certainly on day one possible but not a big need
<adamcaplan> they could use an upgrade on depth after all of the injuries there last season.

<GROG11> Really--even with Welker, Stallworth, and Washington added to the WR corps??
<adamcaplan> GR: You're forgetting his special teams return ability, Belichick really covets field position.


<Jimbothekid> Adam, do you think the Dolphins likely aquisition of Trent Green will make any difference at all in the AFC East?
<adamcaplan> JIM: None. He's toast.

<GROG11> Secondary still must be sddressed---CB and Safety What are your feelings here??
<adamcaplan> GROG: ILB, SS, CB
<GROG11> I like your thinking---

<JSinCT> From another subscriber who couldn't make it: Adam will the Patriots take a linebacker first or a defensive back?
<adamcaplan> JS: Depends who is on the board, both are needs
<adamcaplan> But historically, Belichick doesn't like to spend high picks on LBs

<TNPatsFan> the ILB crop is thin. do they feel they need one that can start early in his career, or are they content to get a developmental guy later?
<adamcaplan> TN: Very much so, if Paul Poz is there, they would take him but that's about it.

<JSinCT> Adam, can the Patriots still land a linebacker though free agency?
<adamcaplan> JS: Scrub veteran. BTW, Seau has an invite back if he wants it.
<JSinCT> That was my next question. Do you think Seau would return?
<adamcaplan> JS: He hasn't made a decision yet.

<wvsabbath> id really like to see paul poz drafted
<TNPatsFan> you mean paul poz in round three or later, right? not round one (i hope)

<GROG11> 38 pts---too many to the Colts int AFC championship---31 in the 2nd half---Defense must be the priority

<adamcaplan> TN: He's projected late first, early second area.
<adamcaplan> There are some good ILBs that they could get in the 3rd-4th area.
<adamcaplan> Deossie is an interesting prospect.

<Jimbothekid> Adam, I am a big fan of Drew Bledsoe as Jon will tell you. Now that he is retired, do you think he is a Hall of Famer in your opinion?
<adamcaplan> JIM: He has no chance to get in.

<TNPatsFan> how about anthony waters from clemson? where will he be drafted? are the pats interested in him in round 3 or 4?

<Jimbothekid> why do you say that? The numbers clearly back him up
<adamcaplan> It hurt him that he got benched too many times
<DisplacedPatsFan> I agree that Bledsoe won't get in.
<adamcaplan> You have to go past the numbers and actually watch him the last 5-6 years
<adamcaplan> he was terrible in his last season or so with Buffalo
<adamcaplan> and he didn't play too well the last two seasons with Dallas and you saw how it ended.
<Jimbothekid> But the numbers don't lie, and twice he was replaced by inferior quarterbacks
<adamcaplan> The fact that he got benched three times says it all
<adamcaplan> Ask anyone who watches coaches tape.
<DisplacedPatsFan> Bledsoe had great moments, but consistancy was lacking.
<adamcaplan> DIS: Agreed
<adamcaplan> Great arm but not accurate enough from game to game.
<Jimbothekid> benched by J.P Losman? thats a joke, but I appreciate your insight and opinion
<adamcaplan> JIM: You obviously didn't watch him very much the last few years. No problem.
<Jimbothekid> I did Adam but that's ok. It makes for a great argument. :-)

<Guest108> What has happened with Hartwell
<adamcaplan> 108: Was in CIN today, they have the inside track.

<kpscoop25> Any update on Samuel?
<adamcaplan> KP: Already addressed, nothing going on.

<JSinCT> Adam, there are a lot of sleepers in this Draft and the Patriots have looked at every one that has surfaced. Do you think they'll wait on guys ilke Geoff Pope (Howard) and Jacoby Jones (Lane) hoping they'll fall or will they really draft one of those guys?
<adamcaplan> JS: Look for them to draft a few defensive players late that can learn this season.
<adamcaplan> They know Bruschi is getting older and they need to get him healthy as much as possible and they really don't have much else there.

<kpscoop25> Can the Pats win without him?

<Guest108> How about another experienced running back
<adamcaplan> 108: Could happen after the draft or during, they really like Chris Henry from Arizona.
<adamcaplan> But as far as a veteran RB, there aren't many to look at now.

<kpscoop25> Any idea if the the Pats plan to trade their picks to move up in the draft?
<adamcaplan> KP: Depends, if the right player drops, yes

<kpscoop25> where do you see the need is for the Pats?
<adamcaplan> They have like 4 needs, mostly on defense.

<Guest108> Who is Chris henry
<adamcaplan> 108: 5-11/230 RB from Arizona
<adamcaplan> great combine

<kpscoop25> will they draft a corner?
<adamcaplan> KP: Yes

<Guest108> What about Samuels-Are they going to trade or sign him Is this another Deom Branch
<TNPatsFan> how many more years do you think vrabel will play? there was talk late last year of him really struggling physically
<adamcaplan> TN: 3-4
<adamcaplan> he keeps in great shape and it still doing well.
<TNPatsFan> good to hear
<adamcaplan> Amazing how PIT waived him

<wvsabbath> adam, is there any team that has show interest in samuel, and willing to give up first round picks
<adamcaplan> WV: Nothing going on
<adamcaplan> Pats made a mistake last year with branch and they learned from it
<adamcaplan> They haven't even considered trading Samuel.

<wvsabbath> woudl the pats let him ride bench then?
<adamcaplan> WV: Huh?
<wvsabbath> would the pats let samuel just sit on the bench for 8 games

<JSinCT> Adam, which DE/OLB prospect is most like Vrabel or McGinest? and do you think that's what they're looking for?
<adamcaplan> JS: Lets put it this way, this is the draft for tweeners
<adamcaplan> there are a bunch that would fit
<adamcaplan> in rounds 2-4

<JSinCT> Has Joe Staley overtaken Levi Brown at this point?

<kpscoop25> Brady is getting beat up last few years, are there any surprise OL in this year's draft the Pats may take
<kpscoop25> like Mankins a couple years ago
<adamcaplan> KP: Light needs to raise his level of play, that's for sure.
<adamcaplan> And they did have a lot of OL injuries last season.
<adamcaplan> they'll be ok there.
<adamcaplan> As long as the starters are healthy, depth is the issue.
<adamcaplan> Other than Hochstein, it's an issue

<adamcaplan> Guys: That's all the time I have, if we can get another one in, we'll do it next week.
<JSinCT> Thank You Adam... we appreciate the time
<Jimbothekid> Thanks adam!
<kpscoop25> thanks Adam
<TNPatsFan> thanks adam
<DisplacedPatsFan> THanks Adam.
<PatriotsChic2> thanks

<JSinCT> FYI: Did anyone get the Patriots Report email today?
<TNPatsFan> yes i got it JS
<DisplacedPatsFan> I got it JS..but only glanced at it.

<JSinCT> K. There were some links in it on Hartwell, and some of the other events
<JSinCT> Here's three tips for those who stayed

<JSinCT> 1) I talked to Quincy Black today
<JSinCT> The kid put up some unreal numbers at the combine 4.42 40, 41.5 vertical, adn 4.32 short shuttle
<JSinCT> He talked to a bunch of teams already, including the Patriots,

<TNPatsFan> what's his height/weight? isn't he only 220-something?
<JSinCT> He's 240""ish
<JSinCT> the issue is he's probably a safety in the Pros
<TNPatsFan> can he play LB for the Pats?
<JSinCT> definite tweener. But he's a burner, something that is intriguing to many teams, including New England
<TNPatsFan> on the other hand, a 240 safety could be nice if he can cover
<JSinCT> He played safety at New Mexico, before moving to LB
<JSinCT> He played DE at junior college
<DisplacedPatsFan> With that speed...have him put some weight on and play OLB.
<JSinCT> He's not much different from Larry Izzo/Don Davis... although I think he's shorter than Davis

<TNPatsFan> is he gonna be a project? just a special teamer for a couple years like mays and pierre?
<JSinCT> Would be a good depth kid
<JSinCT> probably. But in the right system, he is being compared to Cato June
<JSinCT> We'll have more on him this week

<TNPatsFan> i've got him as a sixth rounder. am i too low?
<JSinCT> He's probably a 5th... they think he'll go higher, but not from what I'm hearing... it's the Mike Mamula factor they're fighting

<JSinCT> #2
<JSinCT> I spoke with Prescott Burgess, LB Michigan
<JSinCT> Good kid, hard to get him to talk a lot. he was pretty instrumental at times in that Michigan defense, but was overshadowed by teammates
<JSinCT> The Pierre Woods factor came to mind with Burgess
<TNPatsFan> interesting. i always thought of him as the outgoing type
<JSinCT> It's interesting to see all the players the Pats have met with that aren't in the mainstream news. There's a lot of late round sleepers
<TNPatsFan> will he be drafted? he'd be a great priority FA if he doesn't
<JSinCT> Yeah TN, me too. But it may have been teh fact that I had him on speaker phone.
<JSinCT> He has a ScoutTV interview you can check. It's pretty interesting with him and his teammate
<JSinCT> I think he'll fall late, and if so, you're right he'd be a perfect Priority FA

<JSinCT> #3
<JSinCT> Jastin Blalock visited already as did Aaron Ross
<JSinCT> not listed anywhere but here
<JSinCT> That means the Pats have taken a lot of visits with TOP DBs in the Draft.

<TNPatsFan> i'm a big fan of ross.
<TNPatsFan> i actually have him as my number 2 CB
<JSinCT> He may be ... not sure about the character issues surrounding him though
<JSinCT> There's supposed to be some concern over that, but I haven't heard much or actually even had much time to check
<TNPatsFan> haven't heard anything about that myself
<TNPatsFan> i dont see where blalock would fit. a backup guard in round 1? or do they see him as a tackle?

<JSinCT> Also there's a great Andy Alleman interview by Doug Farrar on the site
<JSinCT> Dante was in town to work out the kid personally, although it's also not on anyone's radar
<JSinCT> Dante doesn't like when people report on his travels...
<JSinCT> then again do any of the Patriots really
<TNPatsFan> funny
<JSinCT> OK...
<JSinCT> that's it for me TN
<TNPatsFan> alright, thanks
<DisplacedPatsFan> Thanks JS!

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