Teams Active After The Draft Signing UDFAs

Immediately after the Draft ends, teams pick up the phones and try to land their preferred undrafted rookie free agents. Who's winning the race to sign players? See inside.

The Patriots, like many teams in the NFL have a number of players on their roster who went undrafted in when they came out of college. Many undrafted rookies go on to become important parts of their teams over time. In New England, players like Randall Gay and Stephen Neal have grown their roles from part time player to more

It's finding these types of players that help build the kind of depth that teams need to sustain success over a long period of time, such as has been the case in New England. It's Scott Pioli and the scouting departments job to try to convince the team's top targets to agree to terms with the Patriots rather than a competitor. Sometimes it's all about which team calls first.

Here are some early results on which teams are signing which players.


These are only the confirmed deals, others are still pending.

Be sure to check back as the list will be updated when more results come in.

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