Ask Adam: Is Belichick Planning on Leaving?

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Q: Do you see the Patriots adding anyone after the June 1st deadline? And if so what positions may they address?
-- LJ - Boston, Mass.

ADAM CAPLAN: We'll be doing an article on that next week so you can take a look at it then. There won't be much talent available due to the new CBA.

Q: Could you please comment on the patriots situation at both tackle positions? There have been some mumblings that the team is unhappy with both starters.
-- Bruschi5454

ADAM CAPLAN: Light's play dropped a little last year so he just needs to bounce back. Keep in mind he was coming back from injury last time this year and it takes time to get timing down. As far as RT, that job isn't secured yet, Kaczur and O'Callaghan will battle it out.

Q: Do you see team chemistry being a concern for the Patriots this year, if yes why?
-- Mike Peru, MA

ADAM CAPLAN: Not at all, players know the deal when they sign there. I talked to Jarvis Green about that on Sirius a few weeks ago.

Q: I was wondering if you had any inside information on moss. Did he attend passing camp? how is he adjusting? how is the chemistry between him and Tom Brady?

ADAM CAPLAN: Moss showed up to their workouts surprisingly last week, so far so good. It takes several weeks and practices to build chemistry. We'll get a better idea on that end closer to training camp.


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Q: Is Chad Brown really coming back? Is he going to play inside or outside?
-- Dave S. New London, CT

Q: Is the rumor that Keyshawn Johnson may join the Patriots true? Why add keyshawn when the pats just traded for randy moss and signed welker and washington? What about Troy Brown?
-- Dave Auburn, NY

Q: What is the story with Asante Samuel now? Will he be in the Patriots veteran mini camp or is going to hold out?
-- Paul C. Milford, CT

Q: what's the story with Belichick? Is he leaving after this year?
TH. Wilton, NH

Q: What are your thoughts on Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell? Will they both still be on the team when week 1 comes around? If so, do you expect that they'll see a decent amount of playing time, or will they be strictly backups? Were you impressed with how they performed for us last season?
--Chris (Concord, California)

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