Moss Shares Thoughts On Future

Randy Moss has been many things over the course of his career, from malcontent to mercurial star. Even with all the success he has enjoyed, there was one thing he wanted that he never had. It was a goal of his well before he was traded to the Patriots on Draft day, and he shared his thoughts in a recent interview.

Randy Moss said before trade that he wanted to play with Brady
By John Ingoldsby

FOXBORO, Mass. - Randy Moss had some quotes of interest to Patriots fans while being interviewed by Stephon Marbury on the NBA player's "Stars on Stars" show, which aired on FSN New England this week.

The interview, conducted 72 hours before Moss was traded to New England, contained this gem from the wide receiver, when asked by Marbury if he could play with one quarterback, who would it be?

"I got to go with Tom Brady. I am a big Tom Brady fan. The reason is that when he came into the league, he was an underdog. I love underdogs. He wasn't drafted very high, and when he took over Drew Bledsoe's place, he didn't give him back his spot. He never looked back, and that's when I knew he was a real quarterback, and then he won three Super Bowls. It wasn't the Super Bowls that made a me a believer in Tom Brady, it was everything he had to overcome to get to the three Super Bowls."

Moss later added this quote when Marbury asked him, which way do we go now?

"Right now I need happiness in my life. I love the game. I need success, to find a team to win a Super Bowl ring. That will make me happy."

Looks like Mr. Moss came to the right place.

John Ingoldsby has covered the New England Patriots for various publications the past 13 years. He began his writing about the NFL for newspapers in the 1970s. John is a member of the Professional Football Writers of America. You can find him on the Patriots Insider boards under the handle Rudiee.


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