Patriots Passing Camp Wrapup

As the Patriots went through their practice sessions at the team's passing camp on Thursday, the media learned a little more about some of the new faces around Foxboro. Randy Moss headlined the attention, managing to become the biggest story of the day, but other, often overlooked, subplots emerged. PI answers more questions about camp.

One revealing piece of news was to see 43-year-old free agent quarterback Vinny Testaverde taking part in the team's drills. Testaverde's locker was intact at the team's rookie minicamp (see report), lending fuel to the rumor (see Rumor Mill) that the ageless wonder could return for another season. When Testaverde took part in the drills, it led to instant speculation of which of the other two reserve signal callers (Matt Cassell or Matt Gutierrez) may not make the cut.

We asked Patriots Insider John Ingoldsby about some of these key subplots. Here are some of his quick hits from camp:


Q: How did Testaverde look when he threw the ball?
John Ingoldsby: He threw the ball very well, both short and long.

Q: Did Cassel or Gutierrez look better in your opinion?
JI: Gutierrez looked strong throwing bullets and snapping off passes running to his left, while Cassel passes seemed to float a bit.

Wide Receiver:

Q: How did Kelley Washington look?
JI: Tall and sleek.

Q: Do you think Washington looks better than Jabar Gaffney or Reche Caldwell?
JI: Yes, he moved smoother.

Q: Did Kelvin Kight stand out, from what you saw?
JI: Yes, ran crisp routes and showed good hands.

Q: Wes Welker has been labeled as quick. Did he look faster than the other WRs?
JI: Yes, showed real burst.

Q: What specifically made him look "quick"?
JI: When he caught punts and caught passes, he showed a quick first step and off he went

Running Back:

Q: Did Hairston look any different with the full team than he did at rookie camp?
JI: He showed good power running and leg drive.

Q: Did any of the backs go through passing drills and if so how did they look?
JI: I didn't see any, but that didn't mean there didn't do some.

Q: Could you tell what ails Sammy Morris or why he had the red jersey on?
JI: No, he was wearing red jersey, but seemed to be participating with no visible injury.

Offensive Line:

Q: Clint Oldenburg took a lap with another lineman, did you see why?
I thought I saw Wesley Britt taking a lap, but did not know why any of them took laps.

Q: How does the line look from a competitive standpoint, any of the backups stand out?
JI: O-line was at the furthest corner of the field, so we [the media] really couldn't see much

Q: Did anyone beside Dan Koppen spend time at center?
JI: I saw only Koppen

Q: Was Dante Scarnecchia [offensive line coach] yelling at anyone or was it just a typical Dante day?
JI: I Didn't hear Dante, but again they were are far end.

General Camp Questions:

Q: How was the organization of camp?
JI: Organized to a tee, just a quick horn and everybody immediately went to a new spot for next drill

Q: About how much time was spent at various drills?
JI: About 15 minutes on each

Q: When did the team 11-on-11s or 7-on-7's take place?
JI: The practice ran the full two hours, and 11-11 and 7-7 were in the second half

Q: Were there any visitors of note (Charlie Weis, Robert Kraft...)
JI: Scott Pioli was the only notable that I saw

Q: Which unit did Belichick spend the most time with (pay attentions to)?
JI: Belichick was mostly alone in the middle, turning around and observing the various drills from a distance

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