Pats Slog It Out In Rain For Charity

The New England Patriots held their annual golf tournament at The International in Bolton today during less-than-optimal conditions. Patriots Insider John Ingoldsby was there to see how the players fared on the links.

Randy Moss welcomed to New England's wild weather while golfing
By John Ingoldsby

BOLTON, Mass. - Randy Moss got his Welcome to New England Wild Weather Moment today, only on the golf course rather than the field turf.

Moss was part of Coach Bill Belichick's foursome as they, and most other members of the organization, participated in The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation's 10th annual golf tournament at The International in Bolton.

While playing in a classic New England 'Nor'easter, the type of weather usually reserved for unwitting opponents playing at Gillette Stadium, Moss learned an early lesson be it golf or football: The Patriots play no matter what the weather.

Some organizations might have considered postponing today's proceedings, given the forecast of 100% chance of rain, much of it torrential.

But that's not the Patriots Way. When the game is on, it's on. Usually the bad weather is a welcome sight, whether it be Snow on Demand greeting Peyton Manning's arrival for playoff games a few years back or waist-deep snow thrown in the air to music to remind the Dolphins they weren't in Miami anymore.

Randy Moss (Far right with green umbrella) walks to his ball while Coach Bill Belichick (Far left with red visor) heads to the far side of the green to get a different line on the upcoming putt. (Photo by John Ingoldsby, Patriots Insider)

But Florida-style rains from Hurricane Barry for a golf tournament in June were not on anybody's wish list. The mere fact the course was playable in the quagmire was a tribute to the condition of the fabulous International, where both courses were filled with Patriots from Bruschi to Vrabel to Colvin.

A notable participant was Troy Brown, who as yet is unsigned with the team, but was there flashing his usual smile and good cheer. The other notable sighting was uber-competitor Tom Brady winning the Long Drive Contest by cranking one more than 300 yards, no surprise given his Pebble Beach background.

It's back to business on Tuesday when the Patriots begin their three-day minicamp, where better conditions are forecast and Randy Moss will be able to flash his real game

John Ingoldsby has covered the New England Patriots for various publications the past 13 years. He began his writing about the NFL for newspapers in the 1970s. John is a member of the Professional Football Writers of America. You can find John on the Patriots Insider boards under the handle Rudiee.

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