It's D-Day For Randy

FOXBORO, Mass. – Wednesday was the 63rd anniversary of D-Day, and the army of reporters accompanying the Allied armada that day was likely about the same size as the number of media members in Foxboro.

Moss launches his great crusade before army of media
By John Ingoldsby

Randy Moss began his Patriotic great crusade when he spoke with the media face-to-face for the first time in New England. Every utterance was covered by the likes of Peter King of Sports Illustrated, and representatives from the USA Today, NBC, and the NFL Network, not to mention just about every media outlet that covers sports in New England.

The session conducted outside on the practice field may have been among the greatest gatherings to grill an athlete in recent New England sports history. The circle formed before Moss even arrived, as the media jockeyed for position and the camera carriers climbed their step stools seeking the perfect elevated vantage point.

Randy Moss' first press conference at patriots minicamp June 6, 2007 (Photo John Ingoldsby


Randy was ready for this mighty endeavor, as he jogged right into the middle of the sports huddle and started to speak while being surrounded. Below are a few of his comments from the interview.

(On what it's like to be a Patriot)
RM: This is my first actual interview. It feels good. [It was] a long anticipation of getting here and getting to camp, getting around the guys and just seeing how this organization is run. I like everything that I've seen and hopefully I can just fit in.

(Difference being here compared to Oakland or Minnesota)
RM: Football is football. When you're winning everything is good. When you're losing everything is bad. The only thing I can really say is we have a great group of guys, along with coaches, and I enjoy it. I love coming to work every single day and just being around these guys.

(On getting connected with Tom Brady)
RM: I've always been a big fan of his and now that I'm here playing alongside him, I don't want anything to change. I'm not going to even try to get in his way in anything that he does and hopefully it doesn't get in the way of anything that I do. I'm just basically talking on the field, because that's one thing that I came here for was to be with this group of guys, the organization as a whole and just try to do come out here and help what I can do to win some games.

(On being nervous)
RM: At first I did. Like I said, they have a long list of guys that they have on their team. They have Pro Bowlers, future Hall of Famer's. My biggest thing was coming in with a locker right beside Tom's and right next to the right of me is Vinny Testaverde. I think that's where the butterflies came in just really getting in the locker room and meeting the guys. Once we get out on the field, that's really where you get your freedom.

(On the expectations for the team)
RM: My expectations are to go out and help this team succeed and that's by winning games. The expectations that you guys and everyone else puts on us is all on outside. I think that the expectations that we have here on this team are also set high. We look forward to good things and once we go out to practice, Coach Belichick puts us through hard work, even in the classroom. We can't expect anything less. Our expectations are high just from coming inside the locker room.

(On getting a bad rap)
RM: I think I get a bad rap just for the fact that I'm not that open. Hopefully, you all don't take it in a negative way. I don't really like to do interviews because that's not my job. My job is to catch touchdowns and help the team win. I don't really plan on being too much in front of this mic all year. Take it how you want to take it.

(On Belichick and Brady and what makes them winners)
RM: Taking their job seriously. Coach Belichick is, as you know, he's straight faced and doesn't really joke around a lot. I think that when he comes out with his coaching style, you can see that he really means business and Brady is the same way. That's something that you can appreciate, knowing that you have a bunch of guys, and Coach Belichick has to lead all of us. That's just something that's unique about him, that everybody is on the same page, even in mini-camp and that's something that you can hang your hat on.

(On reporting to the voluntary offseason conditioning program)
RM: I'm a 10-year veteran and I know how hard you have to workout to come into a season. Injuries do occur as the seasons goes on. I didn't really tell him anything like that. He just asked me what I normally do in the offseason and I said work out. And he told me that most of the guys were up here working out, so that's why I came. I want to fit in. Nothing that I've done over my nine-year career has ever stopped me from fitting in with my teammates. I still love to play the game and hopefully the results of this season will hopefully be good.

(On the receiving corps as a whole)
RM: We're going to be okay. I've listened to a couple of things that were said about the receiving corps as a whole, but we're going to be all right. We have speed. We have quickness. We have strength. We have height. Basically we're going to put whoever out on the field and see what works.

Special thanks to Patriots media relations for providing Moss's additional comments.

John Ingoldsby has covered the New England Patriots for various publications the past 13 years. He began his writing about the NFL for newspapers in the 1970s. John is a member of the Professional Football Writers of America. You can find him on the Patriots Insider boards under the handle Rudiee.

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