For Junior, It's All About The Love

Sometimes it's not what a veteran has done for you in the past, it's what you think he can do for you in the future. That had to be what was going through Bill Belichick's mind as he called to talk to Junior Seau this offseason. According to Seau, that had little to do with the real conversation. For Junior it was the sweet nothings Belichick whispered that got him to come back.

FOXBORO, Mass. - Junior Seau spoke to the media at minicamp yesterday regarding his return to Foxboro, saying, "I did not know I was coming back this year until I got the flight to come to New England for the physical, because you never know. I was contacted by other teams"

He added, jokingly, "During the offseason, Belichick called up and said he loved me."

Seau also stated, "I wanted to come help the team win, and win enough to get to the postseason and go from there. Chemistry and what you build from January on is something that will evolve during the season, and if you stay healthy, chemistry can give you a great opportunity."

The veteran linebacker also commented on ending last year with the broken arm in the epic Thanksgiving weekend game with the Bears. "It was disappointing to have to watch the postseason, and heading back home to San Diego and not being able to finish it out with the boys. Saying goodbye to fans and giving them thanks as I walked off the field with the broken arm was a sign that I did not know if I would be back."

Speaking of USC alumni, Oscar Lua, who idolized Seau growing up, was visited by a television crew from TV Azteca in Mexico City, who filmed an interview with the rookie linebacker and special teams hopeful Oscar Lua, who is of Mexican descent, grew up in SoCal before playing for USC.

John Ingoldsby has covered the New England Patriots for various publications the past 13 years. He began his writing about the NFL for newspapers in the 1970s. John is a member of the Professional Football Writers of America. You can find him on the Patriots Insider boards under the handle Rudiee.

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