Patriots Insider Chat Transcript

Did you miss the Insider minicamp chat last week? Here's a chance to catch up on all the questions posed to the Patriots Insiders who were at Foxboro watching the rookies, veterans and the new faces get used to running through drills together. From the Randy Moss press conference to the Wes Welker Labrador comments. Find out what others wanted to know and what PI learned while at camp.

Red = PI Contributor John Ingoldsby
Blue = PI Insider/Analyst Jon Scott
<Morpheus> = Moderator

This chat was held Wednesday night June 6, 2007 at 9pm.
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<Morpheus> Randy Moss is wearing number 6.....
<Morpheus> but how will he fit in?
<JohnIngoldsby> The media mass for Randy Moss today was off the charts, Peter King, USA Today, NBC, NFL Network
<JohnIngoldsby> The circle had formed before Randy even entered, and the jockeying for position was intense
<NavyGoat> why did TV CT Chan. 8 say, ""If he can act like a person?""
<Morpheus> I heard it was liken to a playoff game with the media coverage John
<NavyGoat> looked like a scrum in a rugby game to me
<JSinCT> I was elbowed by a media member, but was able to look over him to see Randy
<JSinCT> so it was all good
<NavyGoat> I wonder who braids his hair...

<JohnIngoldsby> I saw Randy between a bunch of elbows and arms
<JohnIngoldsby> Rugby analogy right on

<Morpheus> Randy was quoted as saying this may be his last interview or that he won't be talking as much
<JohnIngoldsby> Randy said I don't really plan on being too much in front of this mic all year.

<Guest59> I got a question
<JSinCT> go 59
<Guest59> Was Chad Jackson seen?
<JSinCT> 59, No he's not around
<JSinCT> he hasn't been to camp yet.
<JSinCT> At least not publicly. We're told he's busy rehabbing the injury, but Belichick is mum on the status
<Guest59> Bahhhh

<Guest99> Is Richard Seymour there?
<JohnIngoldsby> Richard Seymour has not been on the field, but I was at his press conference for Marquise Hill last Thursday. He looked great, and walked fine. He is reportedly having a knee problem

<Nanaman28> With the fiasco that we can now call as Asante turns ... what is the latest around mini camp I have heard from the players but I am sure it is like cracking into fort knox but what are the big wigs saying?
<JSinCT> Nana - Asante Samuel
<JSinCT> I'll let john answer that

Nanaman28> Okay jon
<Nanaman28> thanks
<JSinCT> John, what's your take on everyone's reaction to Samuel?
<JSinCT> *reaction
<JohnIngoldsby> The players are all saying that it is between Asante and the organization, and they are just going about their jobs

<Guest99> they will trade him no way he returns
<Nanaman28> John how about the front office .. even though I know they are always tight lipped but have you heard from
<JSinCT> Nana - Not much coming from the front office. We've been hearing that they want to get something done
<JohnIngoldsby> Front office is not saying a word, and Belichick said yesterday that he is only talking about the players in camp.

<Nanaman28> Okay sorry thought I would give it a whirl .. wishful thinking I guess ...
<JSinCT> What I was told by a league source was that They don't want another Branch scenario, so they're probably going to really try to work something out
<JSinCT> We'll see. I'm not too optimistic
<Morpheus> me either john
<Guest59> I doubt he will be back.
<Morpheus> ii mean JS

<JohnIngoldsby> The Asante situation feels like the sequel to Deion, so I will be surprised if we ever see him in a Patriots uniform again
<TNPatsFan> they're not going to sit around and let him hold out all year are they? wouldn't they rather trade him?
<Morpheus> I don't think branch had a ""get paid"" tattoo like Samuel
<Nanaman28> I agree John .. I don't see it happening .. we all know what happens when players try to push Bill around
<JohnIngoldsby> I believe they may trade him if they can get value
<Morpheus> and i still say he has one helluva nerve for wanting top corner money for performing one year
<JSinCT> TN, I'll let John speak to that, but I have that question headed to James Lavin (Management Secrets of the New England Patriots).

<TNPatsFan> i think they need another CB even with Asante. Are they looking for any right now?
<JohnIngoldsby> Nanaman, I agree and believe once bad blood starts, it's the beginning of the end.
<JSinCT> I was called by a Jets beat guy who wanted to know if the Pats had backups in place in case Samuel does sit out. We believe they do
<Morpheus> would the patriots make a trade with oakland perhaps and get their young corner?
<Guest59> James, Gay, Scott, Richardson,

<imsickofnextyear> What about Oliver in the Sup. draft?

<Guest59> Will O'Callaghan be starting at RT this season? Hows it lookin for the former Cal Bear.
<JSinCT> 59 - I was watching the line the past two days and from what I can tell, Kaczur has the job at RT for now. O'Callaghan had reps with the second unit at RT, Britt at LT with the 2's

<Nanaman28> I heard that the Jets are showing interest in Samuel but price is way too high
<JohnIngoldsby> Asante has always been a playmaker, even in his younger days as a nickel back
<Nanaman28> But the Pats are requiring 2 number one picks
<Guest99> that was in the paper today
<imsickofnextyear> Read that the Jets denied that
<Guest59> Asante was a playmaker but in 05 he had a pretty bad season. I still have that Denver play in my head still :(
<imsickofnextyear> I posted it

<Morpheus> Asante until last year was getting beaten like a offense John but he hasn't done enough for me to label him a playmaker
<Morpheus> I still maintain he has has only one good year

<NavyGoat> how did they look last two days at camp?

<TNPatsFan> he's definitely improved, but he's got serious consistency problems
<Nanaman28> Morpheus I agree a majority of his INTs were against par qbs so show us what you have and then get your payday
<Morpheus> yes Nana....I want him to show me what he can do this year..
<Nanaman28> I agree Morpheus ... you can call me Shane if you'd like

<Guest59> What are the chances Jake ""The Snake"" Plummer will be in a Pats uniform:)
<JohnIngoldsby> I have never heard about Jake with Pats

<imsickofnextyear> Any talk of Oliver?

<Morpheus> hell Asante still gets beaten like a drum every fade pattern
<Morpheus> ok Shane
<Nanaman28> ;)
<Guest59> I know I was just kidding, me and my friend just crack jokes about the snake.
<Morpheus> me either ...never heard even a rumor with the Pats...the pats don't need jake
<JohnIngoldsby> Good point, Morph, since he makes plays, but gives up some too
<Nanaman28> Matt Cassell is good enough of a backup for me ... did anyone see Vinny at minicamp?
<JohnIngoldsby> Vinny is looking great at camp, and he has the locker beside Randy, with Brady the other locker neighbor to Randy

<TNPatsFan> how's garrett mills look? will he take p.pass's spot?
<JohnIngoldsby> Mills looking good, and I would be surprised to see Patrick Pass here again

<Nanaman28> Nice Bill has a spot in his heart for the old man Vinny it seems
<JohnIngoldsby> Vinny is a true gentleman, the media loves him, and Randy said today that he had butterflies having the locker beside him

<Morpheus> lets talk about the tackle situation....
<Morpheus> the pat's aren't particularly please with the LT and are they looking so far and will the pats make a move to shore up the tackle spot or get another starter?
<JSinCT> Morpheus - Top Tackles... Light, KAczur with the Backups O'Callaghan and Britt I'm not so sure about the next level
<JSinCT> I think the issue with the backups is Oldenburg's ability to learn the system. He was pretty shaky in rookie minicamp
<JohnIngoldsby> The O Line probably has the least depth, and will be a battle between O'Callaghan and Kaczur. Clint Oldenburg is huge
<JohnIngoldsby> Britt is even bigger, probably the biggest guy in camp
<Guest109> without a doubt

<NavyGoat> Was Dave Thomas around at camp?
<JohnIngoldsby> No Dave Thomas sightings, but Kyle Brady is huge, and although his blocking is a given, he looks to be a good receiver as well

<Guest59> no chance fo the snake?
<Guest109> id like to see him

<Nanaman28> I think Welker and Brady are going to be the most important receiver pickups on this team even more than Stallworth and Moss

<TNPatsFan> oldenburg was a wasted pick. how are the other two rookie OL's looking? hilliard and elgin
<JohnIngoldsby> Hilliard had a bad first day of rookie camp, throwing up, but he is hanging in there. Elgin looking OK, nondescript
<JSinCT> TN - Hilliard, Elgin and Oldenburg were not participating in the 2-min drives at camp. they are on the sideline, but do substitute in for special teams.

<JohnIngoldsby> Welker looks absolutely fantastic, probably the most noticeable player on the field

<JSinCT> I think Elgin is the best of the lot of the rookies

<Guest8> is gutierrez getting any snaps in this minicamp

<gr365> I just got home, sorry i'm late. How are the younger LB's doing?
<JohnIngoldsby> Gutierrez is getting lots of snaps, and has serious zip on his passes
<JohnIngoldsby> All eyes are on Adalius at LB, but Mays, Bissinger, and Woods are seeing action as well

06/06/07 18:45:00 <TNPatsFan> how's lua doing?
06/06/07 18:45:25 <Nanaman28> Yeah I agree TN .... how is Lua doing .. I have heard great things about this kid

<gr365> I'm really interested in Pierre Woods has he got edge potential?
<JohnIngoldsby> Lua is seeing snaps as well, and I see him as a future special teams demon, maybe Larry Izzo's successor

<JohnIngoldsby> I spoke to Lua today and at rookie minicamp, and Junior Seau was his boyhood idol growing up in SoCal

<Nanaman28> Nice what a dream come true for him

<Guest8> do you think there is any chance gutz makes the roster or will they sign vinny for one season and put gutierrez on the practice squad
<JohnIngoldsby> I see them keeping Gutierrez, but not in place of Vinny, so probably practice squad
<JSinCT> agreed. If Vinny re-signs they need a roster spot
<JSinCT> Gut to the PS if they can sneak him on

<TNPatsFan> what is the severity of meriweather's hamstring problem? i wasn't even aware he was hurt
<JohnIngoldsby> Mum's the word on Meriweather from Belichick, but rumor has it as a hamstring

<gr365> Is BB really using Thomas and Brown on special teams?
<JSinCT> Everyone is on special teams. Koppen was playing outside RT on the FG unit. Harrison and Bruschi were regulars on ST, so yes

<Nanaman28> What is the latest on Brown's comeback?
<Nanaman28> Troy that is

<JohnIngoldsby> I would not be surprised, since Thomas is everywhere. Troy not in camp, but was at team golf tournament on Monday and looking happy

<JSinCT> GR, it's likely they'll participate on ST this year

<TNPatsFan> how's kareem brown look? is he playing DT or DE?
<JohnIngoldsby> Kareem is playing at both

<Guest8> how is o'callahan looking? he was a beast at cal
<JohnIngoldsby> O'Callaghan is looking good, and in the mix for a starting position

<Guest8> so except for experience do you see any drop in performance when gutz is in?
<JSinCT> welcom PD12189

<gr365> Back to LB which positions is Biss. and Woods playing?

<JohnIngoldsby> If Meriweather is not there tomorrow, then we will be waiting until training camp in late July

<Guest2> i better see randy moss catching some lasers
<JohnIngoldsby> Randy caught a laser yesterday, and made a nice grab today down around his ankles

<gr365> I heard Seymour is ripped this year..
<JSinCT> ripped?
<gr365> Lean and mean..
<JohnIngoldsby> He looked ripped at the MArquise Hill press conference last Thursday. An imposing specimen

<Nanaman28> No questions from this side of the house .... thanks so much for doing this chat Jon John and Morpheus
<Morpheus> Shane yvw
<JSinCT> anytime Shane

<Guest49> how does maroney look
<JohnIngoldsby> Maroney was in uniform, stretching today, but did not participate in drills or, for that matter, put his helmet on

<Guest49> how about sammy morris or possible backups...any ideas who's best now
<JohnIngoldsby> Morris is wearing a red jersey, but looking good

<Guest2> will the pats dominate the jets or will it be close

<TNPatsFan> who's the short yardage back this year? heath evans?
<Guest49> thanks TN
<Guest2> predictions
<JohnIngoldsby> I believe it will be Evans, who is getting a lot of touches catching short passes out of the backfield

<gr365> has anyone seen Hairston or Quadrine Hill?
<Morpheus> i don't thing evans is a good short yardage back
<Guest49> Does Morris look fast and strong
<Morpheus> he doesn't have the leg strengh or drive
<patriotsdynasty12189> Last I heard Hairston had troubles catching balls
<JSinCT> GR, I put your Hill answer in the Insider's lounge
<JohnIngoldsby> Morris shows real burst, and speed
<gr365> thanks J

<TNPatsFan> i agree morph. i like evans blocking on short yardage, not carrying
<Guest49> thanks john

<gr365> what about Mills at H-back?
<JSinCT> you're welcome... more will be there later

<Guest49> Was Kraft around today
<Guest49> Are J & R Kraft seen around a lot on field looking at all their new players?
<JohnIngoldsby> The team sang Happy Birthday to Robert Kraft at the beginning of practice yesterday
<Guest49> He must of loved that!

<Morpheus> he was getting stuffed too much - evans in short yardage situation
<Morpheus> dillon will be missed
<patriotsdynasty12189> Any news on Dillon guys?
<Guest142> what hurts more, tom being a yankee fan or losing to indy in a comeback victory only conjured by satan himself
<Morpheus> it was a given the pats would score a TD down on teh red zone short yardage with dillin
<JohnIngoldsby> By no means is Evans the optimal short yardage back, but they may have to use him. Could depend on Morris, and Faulk will see some of those carries as well
<JSinCT> Dillon was not getting the offers he wanted. So from what we're hearing, unless someoen gives him a good payday and a job offer, he's going to retire
<patriotsdynasty12189> We should try to pick him up.
<JSinCT> There's no one couting Dillon currently
<JSinCT> at least not accordign to what I'm being told

<imsickofnextyear> Chris Brown?
<TNPatsFan> is chris brown still an option.. even though he's not really a ""short yardage"" back?
<JSinCT> TN, I was told Brown's agents are looking for offers, and it's more interest from their angle than from the Pats at this time
<JSinCT> Word over the weekend was that Browm may be a trainign camp addition, but not a minicamp one
<JSinCT> *Chris Brown

<TNPatsFan> why is jonathan smith on this team? is he actually getting reps at WR? or just at KR?

<Guest49> Thanks guys for bringing this to us....gotorun!
<JSinCT> OK Gang... JOhn's got to go. I'd like to thank him for showing
<JSinCT> up and sharing his thoughts with us
<Morpheus> Thanks John...appreciate the time
<JSinCT> We'll try to have him on again next week
<Nanaman28> Thanks John
<TNPatsFan> thanks john
<gr365> thanks John, enjoy your pieces
<JohnIngoldsby> I enjoyed it, and thank you all for participating

<patriotsdynasty12189> Is it over
<JSinCT> I'll be here for a few more
<Morpheus> me too

<NavyGoat> thanks, guys
<patriotsdynasty12189> Its been real
<JSinCT> Thanks Navy
<JohnIngoldsby> Thanks for the feedback, gr365

<imsickofnextyear> Anything new on Chad Brown?
<JSinCT> ISONY... Not yet. The issue may be roster spots at this point. I expect them to release some of the bubble guys
<JSinCT> and that will make room for the draft picks and some of the other guys
<imsickofnextyear> Not going to be an easy cutdown...Thks for your time(all of you)
<JSinCT> YW ...
<JSinCT> Training camp tidbits.
<patriotsdynasty12189> Good imtes...
<JSinCT> Lua looks better than expected
<JSinCT> Mays looks good
<JSinCT> I like the look of Woods and I think he has a chance to stick
<patriotsdynasty12189> Yeah.
<TNPatsFan> always good to hear the young lb's are showing up
<JSinCT> Kelly Washington was dropping catchable passes. He looked ok before, but it may be trouble in a crowded group
<patriotsdynasty12189> So
<JSinCT> We really won't know about him till training camp, but Jabar Gaffney looked a lot better out there

<JSinCT> Bam Childress is going to be hard to cut
<TNPatsFan> will bam be on the practice squad again?
<JSinCT> He made a nice sideline catch, made the DB miss by spinning to the outside, went down using one hand to steady himself and popped out 10 yards downfield
<JSinCT> kid has some serious quicks
<TNPatsFan> wonder if he's got any trade value, like patrick cobbs last year
<JSinCT> Bam may make the PS... I don't believe he has enough tenure to get knocked out of eligibility yet

<JSinCT> Same with some of the other youngsters. Dunlap may not make it, but he did look good at rookie minicamp
<JSinCT> TN, he probably is worth a 7th, doubt a 6th. Teams will just wait for him to get cut
<TNPatsFan> true
<JSinCT> DB is going the be the most interesting shakeout
<TNPatsFan> some teams needing WR's, like Tenn, must be watching our WR's this off season
<JSinCT> True TN, they could use the help.
<JSinCT> I was told by Marino that he thinks Caldwell won't make the roster
<JSinCT> I'm not sure about Caldwell getting cut, but I could see him getting traded

<TNPatsFan> DB's. I still think we need another CB, even if Asante comes back
<TNPatsFan> I don't think Richardson or Anam have what it takes to make the team. how do they look?
<JSinCT> DB's. No eddie Jackson again. No James Sanders today
<JSinCT> Anam made a faux pas and really blew his assignment on a guy running a route to the flats.
<JSinCT> the coach was yelling at him, but wasn't pissed. I think it was more, he just didnt' know his aassignement
<JSinCT> Richardson looks a lot more comfortable in the middle of the field
<JSinCT> he seems to know a little more. but you're right, they're both longshots
<TNPatsFan> i'm hearing a lot about willie andrews? is he going to see more time in the D-backfield this year? and will it be at safety or corner?
<JSinCT> Willie is at the Dime. I think we'll see him at the safety spot or in Dime coverage
<JSinCT> He's doing well on ST. He was the lead blocker for Eillis on those big returns
<JSinCT> It's going to be hard to knock him out of there, but it may come down to numbers
<TNPatsFan> i like willie. hope he can become a contributor on defense
<JSinCT> I think Willie has more to offer than some of the other guys. You could see he got some more personal attention last year by the coaching staff
<JSinCT> Don't forget about Gemara Williams
<JSinCT> the kid from Buffalo. I thought he got cut last year, but it was one of those weird non-football things
<TNPatsFan> interesting that gemara would be back. they must have seen something they like in him

<Guest49> did Seau talk about his arm at all? Good or bad?
<Morpheus> is mcginest going to get cut by the browns and come back here?

<JSinCT> 49, Seau did talk a little today. He didn't talk about the arm while I was talking to him, but I know he addressed it
<JSinCT> with some of the other media members. It's for protection
<JSinCT> I had to talk to Morris. I think John Ingoldsby has more on Seau coming
<JSinCT> Morph, I haven't heard yet. I can ask about the Browns situation, but I think he's done in New England
<Guest49> Ok thanks JS
<JSinCT> Sure 49. Will have more later I know because Seau was a big story today at camp. Check the Newswire as well, there's bound to be more on that in there

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