Samuel Watch: No Deal

UPDATE: Asante Samuel did not sign a long term deal with the Patriots today. According to reports coming in, the two sides were never close enough to make it happen.

Patriots Insider has been tracking the progress of the Asante Samuel negotiations HERE in the Minutemen forum. Some of the news is encouraging, some of it not so much. Will Samuel sign a deal by the close of business today? Who knows. It's possible. And according to some reports, it's becoming more likely.

Join the discussion with fans that are anxious to find out if a deal has been struck or not by today's 4pm deadline.

For an update on what we're hearing behind the scenes, Patriots fans can check in with the Insiders HERE in the Insider's Lounge.

Check back often as this article will be updated throughout the day.

Update 10:30am: List of recent news on Samuel (Lounge)

Update 10:45am: Comparisons of Samuel's contract demands vs the players his Tag is based upon (Lounge)

Update 2:12pm: Check the Newswire for more articles as the roll in. We have a crack group of specially trained Newsfoundland retreivers (Dog analogy for those on the slow uptake "Newfoundland") charged with the task of sniffing out the news from all corners of the web. A short AP story came in late this am.

Update 3:00pm: No news on Samuel is not good. But there's still time. That and the lag factor between when something does happen and any of our sources close to the situation have time to report back to us.

In the meantime, ESPN reported that the Lions have reached a deal with their Franchise tag player, DL, Corey Redding. Now that Dwight Freeney has signed, and Redding has signed, only two high-profile players remain holdouts Samuel and Lance Briggs.

Update 4:15pm: NO DEAL According to a league source, there was no deal reached between the Patriots and Asante Samuel's representatives. the Boston Globe reports that the two sides were Significantly apart.


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