Photo Gallery: Inside look at a line drill

A photographic illustration of what the battles in the trenches looks like up close. Patriots Insider Kevin Saleeba brings you these amazing shots.

The following action series was photographed by Patriots Insider photographer Kevin Saleeba. This series illustrates the action as Patriots running back Kevin Faulk is assigned the task of trying to rush between the tackles. The drill allows the staff to evaluate both the the offense and defensive linemen as they have to fight to maintain position. The receivers are also involved in this drill allowing them to practice blocking defenders at the second level.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and line coach Dante Scarnecchia can be seen behind the action, standing near the crowd.

Various units ran this drill, with players participating in multiple series. Faulk had a number of runs which resulted in a free run through the gap as the offense was able to block the point of attack, while the defenders reacted.

1: Offensive line tries to wall off defenders. WR (#19) Kelvin Kight on LB (#58) Pierre Woods. RT (#77), Nick Kaczur tries to stop DL (#63), Rashad Moore. ROG works on DL (#60) Kenny Smith. RB (#33) Kevin Faulk is behind the line after receiving the handoff from QB (#16) Matt Cassel.

Faulk slips between the space created by the OG and the OT. You can see that Moore has a step on Kaczur and Woods is overpowering the wide receiver. Smith is trying to hold his gap assignment, but the OG has turned him away from the play.

Woods move to the inside forces Faulk to try to cut back to his right. He runs right into the closing Moore who proceeds to level the back.

Faulk falls to the ground as he bounces off Moore. You can see Moore trying to stop Faulk from hitting the ground too hard. Smith has turned back inside while Woods continues to fight off his blocker to get to the ball-carrier.

The resulting mess after Faulk falls to the ground. Players line up and run the drill again.

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