Sunday 7/29: Who looked good, who didn't

Some of the team's younger players looked like they've made strides already. Some of those veterans, didn't look so hot.

Top Rookie Performance: Brandon Meriweather. He showed solid coverage skills, as well as fluid ability to cover receivers out of multiple formations.

Top performer of the day: Kevin Faulk was most active running back showing solid youthful busrts of speed and making solid cuts. He was able to hit the hole quickly showing why he can be such a dangerous threat to a defense.

To play of the day: Randy Moss' long touchdown catch over the shoulder. Honorable mention goes to WR Kelvin Kight and his shoestring catch.

Stock is dropping: Kaczur missed a critical block that landed Faulk on the ground. He seems to be slipping in his competition with other offensive linemen for playing time at RT.

Stock is rising: Matt Kranchick, getting more practice time with David Thomas out. Kyle Brady was also not present for the morning session.

Most athletic play of the day: A shoestring catch by Kelvin Kight drew loud cheers from the fans.

Notable camp battle: Wide receivers Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell are in the midst of a heated battle for one of the final wide receiver roster spots (Assuming Donte Stallworth and Troy Brown are both safe). While Wes Welker, Randy Moss and Kelley Washington had significant reps, Gaffney and Caldwell seemed to get extra attention from the quarterbacks.

Sightings: Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops was reportedly still walking around the field. A number of PUP players made an appearance at the second session of the day.

Extra Credit: The defensive backs unit stayed on the field at the end of morning practice. Most of the younger DBs were working on their technique after the scheduled session had completed.

Patriots Insider Jon Scott contributed to this report

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