What They're Saying

Want to know what the players are saying on the practice field? Then read on for a number of select quotes from monday's practice session.

Camp Quotables 7/30

As players milled about surrounded by members of the media after practice a few notable quotes were shared. A sampling of those responses can be found below.

WR Reche Caldwell

On whether there's light at the end of the tunnel
right now we're just trying to get better. Every day we're trying to get better. Right now it's tough, two-a-days are always tough, but that's what makes it easier when the season gets here. Getting [back to] one-a-days and getting ready for the game.

On competition at the receiver position
I think it will bring out the best in all of us. All of us work hard, but we're all rooting for each other. Hopefully everybody gives their best effort out there in practice.

WR Wes Welker

On how training camp is going
I'm just excited to be here, excited to work hard and get after it. The team has been great and the coaches have been great.

On his new teammates and their outlook
I'm real excited about all the teammates I have here and all the hard work they put in. And the professionals they are, it's great to see.

On Brandon Meriweather
He's a very athletic player and he has a lot of potential to be a great player, and to do some great things for us. I know I'm excited about the potential [he has] to be a great player out there.


Head Coach Bill Belichick

On the importance of communication and fundamentals
They're both really important and they’re big. Communication was a big point of emphasis for us last year, which is part of the fundamentals and vice versa. We talk about those everyday, more than everyday.

On Tory James
We played against Tory when he was with Cincinnati and Oakland. We've caught him a number of times and gone up against him a number of times. I think our system is definitely a little bit different than what they played in Cincinnati last year. They're much more of a blitz zone team, but I think he's done well.

On Randall Gay and Eugene Wilson's return from injury
Both of those players, not this year but the previous two years, didn't really have much of an offseason training program. ... For both of those players this year, their offseason was, I think, their best one because they were healthy in the offseason, even though Eugene got injured early, but by the time the offseason program started, he was there and was able to train well as was Randall. I think they had their best offseasons and I think that's put them in their best position going into the season that they've been in probably since back to their rookie year, and they're definitely past that.

On kicker Stephen Gostkowski
I think he's a good kicker. He has to reestablish his playing and performance level just like everybody else does. ... I think the big thing for any player is to get himself ready to go and worry about his preparation for the season. Whether somebody else is there competing with him or not competing with him, there's not really much you can do about that. You just have to go out and do what you can do.


K Stephen Goskowski

On not having another kicker in camp
I'm sure they have 10 guys on their phone list if something bad were to happen to me. There's always someone out there gunning for your job whether they're here or not.

On the added pressure of performing at a high level
I just appreciate when the team and the coaches have confidence in me. And that's what you want. You want to be confident out there when you're kicking a field goal because it's just you out there.

On missing kicks
Just keep my head up and keep going. It wasn't the first time I've ever missed a kick and it won't be the last. I've gone through a lot more rough time in my kicking career. When something goes wrong I don't take it too much to heart and I just keep pushing because I know it's going to come together sooner or later.

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