Wed 8/1: Who looked good, who didn't

Who looked good is a matter of perception. One player who deserved the mark before he was hurt is Randy Moss.

Top Rookie Performance: Hard to gauge who looked good, but Meriweather is the only rookie participating in most of the drills. He was solid during practice, closing well on the ball, only blowing one coverage that we saw.

Top performer of the day: Randy Moss. Even though he only practiced for half the day, his ability to snag the ball away from a defender, or leap high to catch normally uncatchable balls, is amazing to watch. Moss had three impressive grabs before he left due to injury.

Top play of the day: Randy Moss' catch between the sideline and Randall Gay who had excellent coverage of him on the play. Although there was no instant replay, the catch was certainly done in impressive style.

Stock is dropping: Matt Kranchick had trouble with the blocking drill today. On successive plays he whiffed on blocks of Chad Brown and Pierre Woods. Kranchick struggled with position and balance.

Stock is rising: Sammy Morris. What he did to Bruschi in the blocking drill was good for Morris, but not so much for the veteran linebacker.

Most athletic play of the day: A Jabar Gaffney clutch catch past Gemara Williams who had position on him in the corner of the end zone. Williams held Gaffney tight, and took away the inside, somehow Gaffney reached out to catch the ball and stay inbounds.

Notable camp battle: Running back. The ability of Sammy Morris to catch the ball AND to block moves him up the chart. Who's spot is he taking? He may earn some of the reps earmarked for Heath Evans and Kevin Faulk

Extra Credit: Kareem Brown was putting in extra work with line coach Pepper Johnson. Brown and Johnson watched a number of the staff members play pickup football on the field afterwards. Brown's assignment is a clear indication that he's in the doghouse and has a lot of work to do to get out of it.

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