Camp Quick Hits: Stallworth Getting Ready

Training camp notes from Sunday's evening practice in Foxboro. Kyle BRady's back, so is Donte Stallworth, but not yet officially.

Training Camp Update Sunday 8/5

Stallworth On The Mend

The other new big Patriots free agent receiver signing, wide-out Dante Stallworth, may soon find his way off the PUP list. He played an active roll during the late Sunday afternoon practice session at Gillette Stadium.

When asked if he was off the PUP list, Stallworth, after practice, said "I suppose so. I actually didn't even know I was on it until someone called me from home (last week), but it's just what the coaches wanted to do, but everything is going well.

Stallworth said he should be ready for the Patriots first preseason game on Friday.

"I'm always ready for contact," he said. "It doesn't matter what's going on. I'm always ready for contact."

Despite the short week on the PUP list, Stallworth said he is jelling well with his new offense.

"I have a pretty good hold on the plays," said Stallworth. "It's just really a matter of me being out there with the team and doing everything I can. I don't want to say that I'm that much behind, it's just a matter me getting out there. I got a good hold of everything. I'm doing the best I can, as far as staying in tune with the plays and everything. I'm doing everything I can and I'm feeling very good right now."

Patriots' wide receiver Donte Stallworth goes through some plays during Sunday's evening practice at Patriots training camp August 5, 2007 (Photo Kevin Saleeba /

Stallworth said he's developing a good chemistry with Quarterback Tom Brady.

"Tom's definitely been here for a long time and he knows the ins and outs and he's going to be the one throwing the ball to the guys so it's really a matter trying to stay in tune as much as I can with (Brady) and I've been doing that and then some," said Stallworth. "He's a real good quarterback. He's been doing this thing for a long time and he's had a lot of different receivers in his tenure here. We've done a lot of work in the spring so we're not out of whack, personally between me and him. Obviously some other guys may get a lot of work, but I think I can jump right in. He'll know where I'm (on the field) and I know he'll place the ball."
Learning the Patriots offense will still take some adjusting.

"Even though it's a new offense, I'm getting there," said Stallworth. "My goal is to be there within a couple weeks and I think I will. I've been in the game awhile and so I understand certain concepts even though this is a new offense for me. I understand what the coaches are trying to get done with certain plays. That's been something for me to try to take hold of and hopefully in a couple weeks that would be the case.
Stallworth said he's happy to call New England his new football home.

"Our main goal is to help this team win at any cost," he said. "We've got a lot of unselfish guys in that room so it'll all be fun. Hopefully we'll continue to get better. That's the main thing we're looking forward too.

"Now that I'm here, it's been a fun situation," he said.

Brady And Cassel Sharpen Their Skills

During Sunday's practice, the Patriots walked through plays without pads. Both Tom Brady and backup signal caller Matt Cassel shared time under center, while Brady took two-thirds of the snaps. The offense worked mostly on situational football, such as goal line plays, two-minute drills, and special teams. The goal line plays showed off a few surprise wrinkles, with the use of defensive personnel. The defense worked on several pass coverage and blitz packages during the walkthroughs.

TE Working His Way Back

Veteran tight end Kyle Brady, who is also a member of the PUP list, was seen in uniform chatting with Coach Bill Belichick on the sidelines during practice. Kyle said he's doing all he can to get himself back on the field, but he's day-to-day.

"Some issues came up physically that were unexpected and I need to respond to that," said Brady. "You respond to it by doing things the best you can in the situations that you can take advantage of and have control over. As far as the things you can't control, you just don't worry about it."
As a 13 year veteran in the league, Brady said he's being cautious with his body.

"Every year is a little different when you're a younger player," he said. "You can go, go, go and sometimes the recovery is very quick, but as an older player you might have a different feeling … how your body bounces back after a tough two-session."

Brady said he's still keeping his head in the game. "You just got to be smart in the places you can't do physically. You just have to be smart mentally in the decisions you make and how you manage your body."

TE Kyle Brady stands on the sideline with head coach Bill Belichick during Sunday's practice at Patriots training camp August 5, 2007. (Photo Kevin Saleeba /


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