Camp Quotes: What they were saying

What the players had to say after the morning session inside Gillette Stadium. Topics included; teammates, practice performances, and the pending game against the Buccaneers on Friday.

FOXBORO, Mass. - Here are a few select quotes from what the players were saying on Monday morning as they left the practice field.

TE Garrett Mills addresses the media at Patriots training camp inside Gillette Stadium august 6, 2007. (Photo John Ingoldsby /


Comeback Kid Garrett Mills is getting some reps at the thin tight end position. (Photo John Ingoldsby

Tight end Garrett Mills
Mills was back in full uniform and on the field this morning, as he tries to take advantage of the thin tight end position with Kyle Brady out, David Thomas still on PUP, and Ben Watson lining up in various slots. The tight end from Tulsa had this to say about his Monday morning effort.

On being back
"Last year did not go as well as I hoped, getting injured and all, so hopefully this year goes a little better and it just comes with hard work. So I am just going out there and working hard."

On the mental game
"The NFL is a big mental game from what I saw in my first year. As much as it is physical out there, there is a huge mental part and you have to stay on top of it mentally. It was different, in college I was not used to being on the sideline watching or in the stands watching. It was tough but I knew I just had to get healthy and prepare for this year. The mental aspect is a little bit easier this year. I don't think it ever gets easy, it's a little overwhelming your rookie year. That's one of the biggest transitions a rookie has to make. Being in your second year is still tough, but a little easier."

On Monday's practice
"I was a little rusty today. I have been out a week or so but just good to be out here, get my feet under me, and just keep working hard. I just dropped one pass. Try and progress each day, and work my way towards the game on Friday.

On fellow tight ends
Dan (Graham) was obviously a great player for us and is in Denver now and hopefully doing great things, and we wish him the best. We brought in a great tight end in Kyle (Brady), from what I have seen so far, so I think we are excited. David (Thomas) and I get along real well. We are good friends off the field, and just come in each day and work hard together.

Wide Receiver Donte Stallworth (back from the PUP list)

WR Donte Stallworth addresses a group of media members at Patriots training camp Monday August 6, 2007 (Photo John Ingoldsby /


Regarding Friday game
"It's a day-by-day thing. I am not looking ahead, but just trying to focus on the practices I am doing right now and if I am, I am. If not, we will continue to get better at it."

On how he feels
"I feel good. They are just working me back in right now. I am real anxious to get back out there, but they are reminding me to be cautious about everything so I am just continuing to get myself better and mesh with everyone."

On playing for Bill Belichick
"With Bill being here as head coach, he is a real competitor and a no-nonsense coach. The players respect that. He makes it fun for us, but it's a business. He has been here for a while and there is a reason for that."


Up next
The next practice is Tuesday at 2:30 pm., the only session of the day.

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