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Patriots punter Josh Miller must have had an inkling that the end may be near for his career in New England. That's probably one reason he wanted little to do with the media this week. Yet he did speak briefly, and PI's John Ingoldsby was there to catch the former Pats' comments on the roster competition.

What Josh Miller was saying on Tuesday afternoon, before release
By John Ingoldsby
August 16, 2007

FOXBORO, Mass. - It was clear after practice on Tuesday afternoon that something was amiss in Josh Miller's world. The articulate and gregarious quipster was brief and terse in a two-minute exchange with the media. Today, he was released, and below are his statements from Tuesday.

Former Patriots Punter Josh Miller

On the Patriots still being high on him
"I have no idea. You are going to have to ask Coach (Bill Belichick) that. I don't have a clue. I can just show that I am healthy, show that I got some stuff in the tank. That's about it. That's all I can do."

On his performance this training camp
"It's been okay. I am happy. I would rather get a chance to do it in a game, but as far as being ready to play, I am ready to play."

On not playing in Friday's preseason game
"He (Belichick) can look over and see that I am punting. Whatever he decides to do is up to him. I got no answers. Don't know when I'll be in there. All I know is I am healthy and I am ready to go. That's all I got."

On whether Belichick trying to send a message?
"I don't know. I'm 37. I don't need much to get me going. I am sure he is going to do what he feels is best for the team. He promised that."

On creating more competition
"I doubt he stays up at night trying to figure out how I can do this to Josh. I am sure he is going to do whatever he has planned."

On his health
"Physically I'm great, and just going to wait for my opportunity."

On last year being a trying year
"I am still playing pro ball. I am still enjoying it as much as I did my first year in the league. If that's the worst thing that happens in my life, it's a pretty good one. I'm cool."

Patriots punter Josh Miller practices his holds during training camp in Foxboro August 2007 (Photo Kevin Saleeba /


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