Behind Enemy Lines -- Tennessee Titans beat writer Jimmy Morris addressed six burning questions posed to him by Patriots Insider about Friday's game. See what Morris had to say about the Keith Bullock threats, the play of Vince Young and more in this edition of "Behind Enemy Lines."

Jimmy Morris, special contributor for, was our guest on this edition of Behind Enemy Lines.

Q: Was the team disciplinary issue with Vince Young sitting out last week's game an ongoing thing, or more of a one-time event?

Jimmy Morris: It was definitely a one time event. The reports are that Young left the team hotel to go home and sleep. I think Young thought it wouldn't be any big deal because he just wanted to get some sleep. Fisher just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that no one is above the rules. Everyone has moved past it.

Q: What is the latest with Pac-man, (Adam Jones), and the possibility that he will return to play for the Titans again some day?

JM: When Pacman's suspension was handed down, it was a year long suspension with a possibility of reinstatement after 10 games. That was before the charges were brought against him in Vegas. I don't think there is anyway Commissioner Goodell will let him back in this season. If he can stay clean for an entire year, which is a HUGE if, I think the Titans would bring him back in 2008. His track record doesn't lead me to believe he can stay out of trouble for a year. If he is involved with anything else his career with the Titans will be over. Also, he isn't doing himself any favors by becoming a professional wrestler.

Q: Did the Titans make enough off-season changes to get over the hump to make it to the playoffs this year? What was the main area of concern and how did they address it?

JM: If the Titans do make the playoffs this year it will not be because of the offseason moves. They lost a lot more than they gained this offseason. They did add Nick Harper to help with the loss of Pacman Jones and Eric Moulds to help with the loss of Drew Bennett. The Bennett for Moulds swap is basically a wash. The Pacman for Harper switch was a big loss for the Titans.

The main area of concern, in my mind, was the defensive line. The Titans spent two picks on defensive lineman in the draft. Unfortunately both guys they drafted are out for the year because of injury. The Titans will be monitoring the cuts closely for any defensive lineman that become available.

Q: Keith Bullock made some comments in the press about the Patriots, indicating that there may be some extra physical consequences on the field Friday. How serious was Bullock and has he done this against other players (or teams)?

JM: I am glad you asked about this. These comments were blown way out of proportion nationally. Everyone who was there when the comments were made said they were made in jest. Keith Bulluck is a stand up guy, and he hasn't ever done or said anything that would lead me to believe otherwise. He won't do anything in the game tonight to try and injure anyone.

Q: How long do you expect the starters to play in this game, and what do you think the coaching staff is looking for from them?

JM: The starters will more than likely play somewhere between a quarter and a half to two quarters. Fisher generally plays his starters longer than most coaches in the preseason.

Most eyes from the coaching staff will be on Vince Young tonight. Since he was suspended last week, the coaches didn't get to see how much he has progressed from his rookie season. The focus of tonight's game will be the beginning stages of getting him in a rhythm with this offense.

Q: Biggest challenge for the Titans to overcome this season?

JM: The biggest challenge for the Titans to overcome this season is all of the new faces at the skill positions on offense. This team lost its #1 running back and its #1 and #2 receiver from last year. There are young guys that are going to have to step up. There may be some growing pains in the early going, which could be a problem since the Titans open at Jacksonville, at home against the Colts and then at the Saints on Monday night before a bye in week 4. The young guys are going to need to grow up fast.

Prediction for Tonight's game?

JM: Preseason games are almost impossible to predict. I think the first team offense will play well because Vince will feel like he has something to prove. I don't think the Titans' first team defense will look as good as they did last week. The Patriots offense is leaps and bounds better than the Redskins. As far as who will win, it is really anybody's guess once the 3rd and 4th string guys get in.

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