Over / Under Week 1: Patriots at Jets

Weekly Over / Under Picks contest is off and running again. If you haven't checked this one out, what are you waiting for?

Patriots Insider has a tradition of running an Over / Under contest on the message boards each week. If you're not familiar with it, then read the rules of the game HERE. If you haven't submitted your picks for this week, we highly recommend getting them in asap.

The Weekly Over/Under contest is run by ClutchNE

Get all 5 right, and you get a shiny point. The guy/gal with the most points at the end of the Patriot season (AKA da Superbowl), will get to feel good about themselves.


-Points Scored By The Patriots: 24.5

-Randy Moss Receiving Yards: 45.5

-Donte Stallworth Receptions + Randy Moss Receptions = 10.5

-Patriot Running Back Total TD's - Patriot Wide Receiver Total Td's = 0.5

-Patriot Defensive Sacks: 3.5

+BONUS: Who scores the first Patriot TD? (Can't be a QB)


Example of How to participate: My guess: Under, Under, Under, Under, Under. Sammy Morris will score the first TD.

Deadline: Everyone has until 12:58 PM on Sunday to send in your picks

Click Here to submit your picks


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