Report: Patriots Guilty Of Violating Rules

An ESPN report indicates that the Patriots have violated league policy by taping the signals of the New York Jets on Sunday.

According to an ESPN report, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell found that the Patriots have violated league rules and will be disciplined for videotaping members of the Jets coaching staff on Sunday's game in New York.

According to the initial report by Jets Confidential's Dan Leberfeld, A member of the Patriots organization was believed to be videotaping the Jets on Sunday. When confronted by Jets security officials, the Patriots staff member reportedly admitted to the incident.

In ESPN's report, the Patriots will be allowed an opportunity to state their case, but with the league still investigating irregularities with the radio communications used by the Patriots as well, it does not look good.

The outcome of the investigation regarding the communications equipment and the response the Patriots give to address the violation could be a significant factor in determining the level of punishment the commissioner will hand down.

Because this is reportedly not the first time the Patriots have been suspected of violating league policy in this matter, the expectation for punishment could be in the form of multiple future Draft picks.

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