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Around the Network: AFC Edition!

Here's the updates from the AFC sites in TheInsiders network. GW Lee, a man of surprising glee, takes you on a tour of NFL news for obsessive fans who need more More MORE. Are you one of those? Grab a <A HREF="">Total Access Pass</A> and join the fun!

AFC East

Over at Dolphin Digest, the team looks at the upcoming battle of wits between offensive coordinator Norv Turner and head coach Bill Belichick. At the same point, Dolphin's Digest examines how the Dolphins don't think it will be easy to roll up the points against the Patriots stiff defense. Jets Confidential reports (avoid reading the rest of this sentence if you're eating) Wayne Chrebet's knee is purple and filled with fluid. Urp. In the land of Buffalo Bills, we have Shout's injury report and an exclusive session with strongside linebacker Keith Newman regarding how he feels about no longer playing on third downs.

AFC North

Steel City Sports reports on how the team's change at quarterback is reflective of bigger shifts in store for the Pittsburgh Steelers. At RavenInsider, there is an exclusive Q&A with Ravens linebacker Peter Boulware. Over at the ultra-popular BerniesInsiders, fan commentators Swerb and Aardvark bookend an exclusive chat with Insider David Carducci and Browns alum George Lilja. An evil act by Howie Long is described. One word: ick.

AFC West

BroncosUpdate has the story on how Deltha O'Neal's lapse in judgement not only hurt his team, but also his bank account. Chargers Update takes a look at the key matchups for their Week 5 contest with the Broncos.Meanwhile, the Silver and Black Report looks at how Oakland Raiders TE Doug Jolley has seen his contributions go from being a bonus to being vital. The Raiders are acutely aware of the influence of Drew Bledsoe on the rising Buffalo Bills team.

AFC South

CityPaperSports looks at how Steve Spurrier's offensive attack for the Redskins is really nothing new and looks at how the wounded and downtrodden Titans are trying to gear themselves up for the next round. Colts News looks at the walking wounded in the Hoosierdome.

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